Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fall OOTD-Bold Piece

I LOVE animal prints so when I saw these leopard print pants they immediately caught my attention. They may be a little bold for some folks but they are just right for me. Here is just one way to put together a simple fall outfit using a really bold piece. Add the sweater as it gets cooler outside. Enjoy! 


Shirt-Old Navy

Shoes and Sweater-Target

Get Killer Nails with Office Supplies

Sometimes I want fancy nails for special occasions but I don’t want to pay “special” nail salon prices. Get the look you want with little to no cost. All you need is some common office supplies, your favorite nail colors and about 20 mins. Gather these items to get started.

  1. Favorite nail polish (2 different colors)
  2. Tape
  3. Paper clips
  4. Sticky Notes
  5. Hole punch reinforcements

Start by painting all your nails with a base color. Now choose the tools you want based on the design you want to achieve. (TIP: Use a quick drying top coat to preserve your design while you work on other nails)

Open a paper clip. Place a few dips of nail polish on a sticky note. Dip the tip of the paper clip in the polish then onto your nail to create dots and flowers.

 Place a hole punch reinforcement label on the upper part of your nail leaving the bottom uncovered. Paint the uncovered bottom part with a different color than your base color. Remove the label to reveal a crescent nail design.

 Place tape vertically, diagonally, or horizontally to reveal crisp straight lines on your nails.

Try combining designs by using multiple tools. This will give you an authentically unique design.


DIY No Sew Privacy Curtain

So many teachers from my school have these DIY no sew privacy curtains in their classrooms. A lot of us have desks with open backs so everything under our desks are exposed. Me personally, I like to sit comfortably in my chair even when I’m wearing a dress/skirt so this DIY curtain is a real problem solver for me. Even if your desk or storage area isn’t open, this could add some color and interest to your space. Here’s what you need. (Note: We got all our supplies from Hobby Lobby.)

  1. Fabric (1-3 yards)
  2. Small spring rod
  3. Ironing Hem tape
  4. Iron

Fold down the fabric enough for the rod to fit the space and iron it in place. Be sure the fold includes a space for the ironing tape.  Now place your hem tape under the fold near the bottom. Iron on top of the fabric according to the directions that came with your hem tape.  Repeat the process for the bottom of the fabric if you don’t want it to be a raw edge. Enjoy!


Earring Holder DIY 

Want to display your earring collection in a unique way? Check out this quick DIY earring holder! You only need a few supplies.

  1. Picture frame (got mine from goodwill)
  2. Chicken wire (any home improvement store)
  3. Staple gun ( already had one)
  4. Craft wire cutters (already had one)

Start by disassembling your picture frame only leaving the perimeter. Now roll out your chicken wire and cut it slightly larger than the size of your picture frame. Use your staple gun to fasten the chicken wire to your frame. As soon as that’s done your earring holder is ready to hang and use! Enjoy!