halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Zoo Boo – Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is a great place to visit for Fall fun in October. The entire zoo is covered in Fall decor and there is a ton of fun games and activities for everyone to enjoy. The zoo staff organized Zoo Boo down to the very last detail and it shows. This post will give all of the best tips to enjoy your Zoo Boo experience.

Tip 1- Get there early!

We arrived at the zoo around 10:30 am on Saturday only to drive around the parking area for at least 20 minutes. We had to wait, look, and stalk people as they walked out to find parking. (Ha ha) It was not fun and right before we found a spot I was considered leaving. The good news is that parking was the only thing that was tough during Zoo Boo.

Tip 2- Be flexible!

When we go to the zoo during other parts of the year, the focus is on seeing the animals. I was surprised how my son’s interest changed while at Zoo Boo. He was more interested in going to each of the candy corners for trick or treating, playing the games, and people watching. He loved to just sit for a few minutes and check out costumes of the other children. I did encourage him to look at the animals but he honestly wasn’t interested. Be ready to let your child roam free!

Tip 3- Move slowly and take a lot of breaks.

The kids and possibly you will be wearing costumes that are hot and have to constantly be adjusted. Grant drank a ton of water and asked to stop at times just to sit on a bench. Listen to how everyone is feeling and stay hydrated. Our longest break was for lunch and it was well deserved. You are free to pack a picnic but we went to the Cypress Circle Cafe for pizza and it was so delicious!

Knowing that there would be candy passed out made me a bit nervous. We don’t eat a lot of candy so I didn’t want my 4 year old to be over powered by mountains of candy. Luckily the candy stations were organized so that each time you visit a station the volunteers stamp your map and give out 2-3 pieces of candy. It was comforting to know that he would only receive 12-15 pieces that day. It helps to teach our kiddos about moderation even at a celebratory time.

We had so much fun and will probably go again before the event ends. Zoo Boo is an amazing family event that I recommend for everyone! Enjoy!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Stamps in cool colors!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Decorative pumpkins everywhere!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Fall decor!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Hermann Park Train ride!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Decorating his mini pumpkin!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Grant enjoying the puppet show of “talking pumpkins”.

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Golf, tic-tac-toe, bean bag toss, and more games for the children to play!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

DJ booth, Jump ropes, hula hoops, and bouncy ball for the kids to enjoy!

halloween, pumpkin patch, zoo boo Houston

Giant coloring book.

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Fashion X HOUSTON 

Thank you Koh Gen Do for inviting me out to join behind-the-scenes for Fashion X HOUSTON. I was busy with work and life so I was unable to see the 1st and 2nd night of fashion but the final night of Fashion X HOUSTON did not disappoint. It was filled with talented designers that poured their hearts and souls into every single garment that came down the runway. I had to skip out right at the intermission so not all of the designers that presented are shown in this post. 

What I enjoyed the most is being amongst so many smiling faces both familiar and new. Everyone looked beautiful and the positive energy matched the prints, stunning colors, and unique designs that hit the runway. Enjoy! 

feminist shirt

Feminist T-shirt + Lace Skirt

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What says girl power more than a graphic tee that tells you that “the future is female!?”

The answer to that is NOTHING! I’m so smitten over this casual look that is ultra feminine that shows so much strength. It is not bright and colorful  but the text on the tee definitely catches your attention. The lace on the skirt screams “girly girl” while the sneakers tell you that “she’s ready to take on the world!” (Or just some brunch and shopping (-:)

As for accessories, I wanted to go with sparkly stones in my earrings to add to the feminine side of this look. The purse and lip color is the pop of color in this outfit. (I had to put the color in somewhere) Let me know what you think of this look!



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old navy, fall style, graphic pullover

Graphic Pullover + Boyfriend Jeans

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My summer vacation as a teacher has officially ended. I had my first day back to school and I am so tired. I always say, “There is no tired like the first day of school tired.” As I prepared this blog post all I can think about is how often we ask our children to be “nice” to each other. At school and at home it is a word that I used generously.

I find that as adults we tend to forget about being nice to ourselves! We do things we don’t like, each foods that make us feel bad sometimes and wear clothes that our bodies find restricting. We should all take a moment or two to think about how we can be nice to ourselves and try to remember to do that often.

For me, dressing comfortably especially when I’m with my son is one way that I’m nice to myself. Old Navy sponsored this look that allows me to run and play with my son while I look stylish. There is nothing worse than pulling and tugging on your clothing while you’re trying to focus on having a good time with your babies. A colorful comfortable pull over with boyfriend jeans and sandals that stay on you feet if just right for a day of fun and play. Find ways to be kind to yourself and do it daily! Enjoy!


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blonde twa, Ann Taylor, big chop, black girl blonde hair

How to Go From Dark Hair to Blonde Hair

I’m so excited about this post! I tried my hand at youtube and videos long before I started blogging. When life got busy I dropped the ball on it. Well, I’m trying it again! I don’t know how often I will make videos but here is one to start with.

I chronicled how I took my short natural dark brown hair to blonde. This video includes all of the products I used, recommended times, and tips. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Enjoy!