101 Things in 1001 Days

Hello everyone! We are nearing the end of another year and with that comes traditional new year resolutions. I don’t typically make new year resolutions but I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs and one of my FB friends Jotina Buck to make this list. This list will help keep your goals right in front of you but gives you a little over 2 1/2 years to complete it. What I like about it most is that its not all serious. Fun and travel goals are included as well. I used this site to calculate my 1001 days from today. Enjoy!


Start date: 11-28-2015

End: 8-25-2018

101 in 1001

Personal: 1-41

Travel: 42-52

Blog/Professional: 53-73

Funners: 74-101

  1. Make 101 in 1001 list Completed 11-28-15
  2. Drink more water (Daily struggle)
  3. Drink tea instead of coffee 3 days a week
  4. Do 50 kind things (Tell no one)
  5. Brush twice daily consistently
  6. Start practicing yoga again
  7. Be more disciplined in everything
  8. Improve my shoe collection Added 3 new pairs of quality shoes
  9. Add most coveted pieces to my capsule wardrobe
  10. Iron my clothes more often Lol
  11. Give more compliments to others
  12. Try 3 new haircuts 2 more to go!
  13. Learn more about art history
  14. Declutter our whole house
  15. Try envelope system for $ budget
  16. Start something I’ve been putting off more to do though!
  17. Revisit 5 new foods that I don’t enjoy
  18. Replace counters in our kitchen
  19. Work out 3+ times a week consistently
  20. Eat less bread and pasta
  21. Recycle more
  22. Go back and read pins that were for reading later
  23. Eat more veggies and fruit
  24. Significantly reduce debt
  25. Take my lunch to work 4 days a week
  26. Give myself a spa day every 6 months
  27. Replace dresser in master with storage bench
  28. Get more seating/furniture for living room
  29. Eat less processed foods
  30. Hang curtain rods/curtains in living room and Master.
  31. Get physically stronger
  32. Make fruit and veggie smoothies again
  33. Eat breakfast more often
  34. Use my capsule wardrobe exclusively 
  35. Have a mommy and son day bi-monthy
  36. Have more healthy snacks prepped
  37. Save more $
  38. Read 15 new books
  39. Take Mike (hubs) to a painting class
  40. Stop snoozing when my alarm goes off
  41. Have date night once a month

  42. Visit my brother in Washington state
  43. Take a honey moon trip (finally)
  44. Take Trip with my siblings
  45. Take a trip with my sister
  46. Take a girls trip with friends
  47. Explore Austin, TX.
  48. Visit a wine vineyard
  49. Go to Nicaragua
  50. Take and international trip with Mike
  51. Go back to New York
  52. Go to a place with snow and skiing

  53. Increase my blog followers
  54. Make my blog more interactive for readers
  55. Connect with other HTX bloggers
  56. Improve photography
  57. Connect with HTX fashion designers
  58. Attend HTX fashion week
  59. Go to more beauty/fashion events
  60. Start new blog series: Creative Minds First artist feature Jan. 15
  61. Host a giveaway
  62. Plan a full day fun science experiments for my students
  63. Actually enjoy my summers off
  64. Join a bloggers organization
  65. Grow my Instagram followers to 5K
  66. Do more DIY posts
  67. Go to a bloggers event
  68. Learn more about web design
  69. Increase my daily blog site traffic
  70. Work with some of my favorite brands
  71. Remake my business cards 12-20-15
  72. Feature more HTX fashion designers
  73. Cover more behind the scenes for fashion events

  74. Say happy birthday to my FB friends daily
  75. Walk in a runway show I’d love to do more!
  76. Have a house warming party at our new house
  77. Try Lebanese food
  78. Try 3 new hair colors1 down 2 more to go
  79. Make something from scratch
  80. Improve the state of my makeup bag
  81. See 10 new movies (Theater/Netflix)
  82. Try 5 new coffee spots
  83. Pin more on Pinterest
  84. Take the Sugar Land Heritage tour
  85. Volunteer more
  86. Host a party for my girlfriends
  87. Make a holiday wreath
  88. Do something with candle holder in Kitchen
  89. Redo an old furniture piece
  90. Try a spin class again
  91. Put up my Christmas tree by December 1!!!! 11-29-15
  92. Try a barre ballet exercise class
  93. Do more modeling
  94. Go for more walks in my neighborhood
  95. Learn how to do a better job on my makeup
  96. Spruce up our backyard
  97. Plant a flower or veggie garden
  98. Go to my neighborhood farmers market
  99. Organize my muffin’s book collection
  100. Try a holiday coffee drink
  101. Inspire someone to make 101 in 1001 list 🙂




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