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Day 1: Old Navy Shoot Fitting

As most of you know I’m visiting Los Angeles for the next few days for a social media shoot with one of my absolute favorite brands, OLD NAVY!!! Today was a half day of fittings just to be sure that all of the garments fit well for the shoot over the next two days. I put together a short behind the scenes video to give you a look into the amazing day that I had with the Old Navy team. Enjoy!

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How to Add Pops of Color to Your Outfit

This one is a shorty but a goodie!

Every now and again we get dressed and when we’re done, it feels like there is something missing. Sometimes the fix is easy and straight forward. If you’re wondering how to bring life to an ordinary outfit, you can do it with POPS OF COLOR!

In this look the pop of color is a simple long sleeve undershirt and matching heels. To find inspiration for the color choice I drew my attention to the sweatshirt that I wanted to wear. It has two small red hearts on it so I felt that red was the best color to help spice this look up. Of course to accessorize, I added a pair of fun sunglasses and a jacket. I continued the pop of color with my lipstick choice just for a little bit more pizazz!

This is one way of many to bring a “regular” look to life! Enjoy!