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Colorful Bags from mywalit

Thank you mywalit for sponsoring this beautiful purse!

When cooler weather arrives the first thing we do is douse ourselves in a sea of black and brown. The current season shouldn’t write all of the rules for the colors we wear. If you are new to the blog you have so much to learn about one of my favorite accessories brand, mywalit!

Mywalit was founded in 2005 in Lucca, Italy and is known for its colorful leather wallets, bags, coin purses and handbags. Ranging from multicolored stripes to unique color blocking, mywalit has so many colorful options.

As a mom of a growing boy I need to hands free when we are out and about. Children are unpredictable and you never know when you have to save the day. I don’t want to sacrifice style and color for function and with the Caracas bag in the teal color I don’t have to.

Grant likes to collect things as we go on adventures. His finds and my stuff will fit beautifully into my purse. Check out mywalit’s beautiful collections on their website. You will find so many things to love! Enjoy Color Bees!