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NYE Leather and Lace | OOTD?

We’re so close to the new year I can taste it! Most of us have been thinking about what we would wear for NYE for at least a few weeks, if not for the entire month of December. (Ha ha)

Here is a New Year Eve Leather and Lace OOTD for my ladies who value comfort and interesting style. This feminine wine colored lace dress is beautiful and delicate however, still comfy. Add in your leather motorcycle jacket, stylish leather gloves, and leather combat boots to toughen up and compliment your dress.

Wearing comfortable shoes on NYE will mean you can truly spend your time celebrating  and enjoying good company rather than thinking about finding a place to sit in an effort to rest your weary feet.




Jacket- Forever 21

Dress- Target

Gloves- Forever 21

Boots- DSW

What are you doing with your hair???

After seeing my hair a bit longer than usual,the most common question I’ve been getting is “Are you growing your hair out again?”

The answer is…No! My goal is a tapered Afro and it has been a real struggle to stay out of my barbers chair. I do go to get my hair tapered infrequently but I never cut any hair off the top. Of course I found my new hair goal on Pinterest. (I call it pinspiration, LOL)

I will definitely go really short again but I am not interested in growing my hair long again in the near future. Happy growing to all my naturalistas and any one growing their hair out! Enjoy!




My pinspiration 🙂




Two weeks ago

Two weeks ago



Fancy Winter Boots

I adore clothing and shoes that I continue to get compliments on although I’ve owned them for YEARS! These cool boots are no exception. 

I saw my friend Mel wearing these boots and the first thing I asked her is “where did you get them?” Of course she has owned them for years and because they are high quality they have stood the test of time. Unfortunately after you own things for so long (5+ years) you may not remember where you got them. 

Her simple comfy outfit is one I would totally wear myself and the boots are the interesting piece that brings it all together. What oldie do you still get compliments on? 



OOTD | Freedom 

I’m naming this OOTD freedom for obvious reasons but the meaning is real. At this point in my life I’m feeling more free than ever. Some of my feelings of weightlessness come from my constant work toward a capsule (mix and match) wardrobe. 

On this particular morning I was up, dressed and out of the house in about 30 minutes. This includes my low maintenance hair and makeup routine and being able to easily pick out an out because most things in my closet are easily matched with other pieces. I still have a long way to go with my clothes but I’ve made great progress. How’s your mix and match wardrobe working for you? 




Faux Blazer- Marshalls

Freedom Tank- Phuket, Thailand (Thanks!)

Jeans- Old Navy

Leopard flats- Target 

Bag- Target 

Merry Christmas ?

I hope everyone’s Christmas is going well! We started a new tradition this year by having a family breakfast instead of lunch/dinner and it was awesome. We all went to my aunt’s house in pajamas and had some quality family time. It freed up then afternoon and evening for people who had multiple families to see today. What new traditions did your family try out this year? Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! -The Gueary Family?