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Kaleidoscope Houston 2016| Imaginarium 

Not to sound cliché but Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 Imaginarium was more than I could have imagined! (Lol) As I walked into the Vivaldi Stone Boutique, the first thing I thought was, “Why didn’t I know about this space before tonight?!?!?” It looked like a museum exhibit dedicated to beautifully curated natural stone slabs. It’s still hard to believe that it’s primarily a show room and not a social venue.

DJ FXBOX OLMOS kept the grooves and tunes flowing the entire evening. Art for the evening was provided by Jammie Hawkins, Mark Deleon, and Justin Pelke. The fashion forward host Shawn Flowers and hilarious Chris Thomas interacted so well with the crowd. They kept us laughing and smiling the whole time and made us apart of the night via an impromptu dance party.

The live performances by Fenyx Aerial, Stella Marie Manalo, Toki Singh, and Son Kiss’d set us all on fire! Vintage collector and stylist Heather Petrey sent unique combos down the runway that showed her eclectic style. The modern romantic pieces from Of Myth + Muse by Emelia Natalicchio left us wondering how quickly her pieces would be available to take home. (Ha ha!) Glove designer Damari Rubio of Damari & CO., Jewelry designer Michelle Yue of Shopnonhuman, and fashion designer André Redou came together for a special collaboration that will never be forgotten.

As the night was coming to a close, I couldn’t get over the budding excitement for Kaleidoscope 2017. I know Pamela Andino and the entire Kaleidoscope team has something even more extraordinary up their sleeves. Journey through the experience yourself by checking out the photos. Don’t be shy, leave a comment if something catches you eye! 🙂 Enjoy!



Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 | Jet Set

The phrase Jet Set can be described as an international social group of affluent people who travel the world to participate in social activities sometimes unavailable to ordinary people. Pamela Andino of Ubertina Productions pulled this theme off without a hitch.

Jet Set was the theme for Night 2 of Kaleidoscope Houston 2016. Guests arrived at La Mansion to the tunes of GenerAsian Radio. Hosts for the evening Chyna Wheatly and John Newinn only added to the international vibes. The eclectic attire worn by guests was pleasing to the eye and helped bring the Jet Set feel to life.

The nontraditional runway definitely peaked everyone’s attention and made us all feel like we were going on a adventure and having a unique experience. The runway was blazed by the classic designs of Steven Guthrie , the very sexy swim wear designed by Jessica Lombana, and the couture Meru Merus collection by Umair Khan.

The bilingual spoken word poetry by Christopher Polanco, dance performances by Culturally Yours & Son Kiss’d Dance company, as well as the flaming special performance by Saturn Hoops gave us all an authentic jet set experience. The opportunity to see such extraordinary culturally diverse performances and designs left me feeling so appreciative that I live in such a big melting pot. Take the journey with us through the photos and feel free to leave a comment 🙂 Enjoy!


Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 | Urbanity

Kaleidoscope Houston 2016 kicked of its first night with Urbanity. I know there were things slated to happen but what actually happen was so much more than I could have imagined. I will start by saying that the energy in the mansion was one you had to experience. DJ Nando kept our bodies moving with the best hip hop tunes. So many creatives in one space supporting one another was just the tip of the iceberg. Every time I turned my head there was something amazing happening.

Host of the evening Omar Castillo was comedic and kept the evening flowing. For starters The Traveling Live Art Canvas was a real treat. I watched it change constantly through out the evening as many of the event guests put their stamp on it. Jammie of Jammie’ Art also live etched Houston’s own Bun B through out the evening. The Urban Movement team looked like super heroes as they performed parkour.

Each of the performing artists were so full of energy. The MadMen Crew took the floor to perform a few songs including a new Houston anthem. Raj the Rapper, who is also the founder of Houston Diaper Bank, performed a mix of inspirational and feel good songs. Tobe Nwigwe of Team GINI performed both spoken word as well as inspiring rap songs that are meant to keep us conscience.

Everyone was astounded with the dance performances of the evening. Brenden Winkfield tap danced with a live drummer for an impromptu jam session. Bgirls Femme Fatale Cru showed off their Bgirl skills as they stormed the runway for Swinn. As the runway show continued, beautifully designed pieces created by Art Institute of Houston emerging artists Wilbert, Keosha, and Kim stunned onlookers. The consensus in the room was “there’s no way these are student designs! They are so amazing!” Shayne Salinas of Kooth Brand made us all remember that you can and should look good while your working hard. If you missed Kaleidoscope Houston 2016, make sure you’re in the house next year!

Urbanity was the best way to start Kaleidoscope Houston 2016! Check back soon for Jet Set and Imaginarium! Enjoy!


DIY | Easy T-Shirt Pillows

I will be the first to say that it’s hard for me to get rid of things sometimes (all the time). I may no longer want it for its intended purpose but I can find tons of other ways to use the same item.

In this case, I took clothing that I was done wearing and turned them into pillows for my son’s room. He has a black and white themed bedroom and I had some black and white items that were headed to Goodwill. You know what that means?!?!?! DIY PROJECT!!!!! I’ve even included pictures of me wearing the items just for fun. (Ha ha)

My friend that has a sewing machine sewed 3 sides, and I hand stitched the 4th side after inserting the cushion. You could easily hand stitch all the sides, use iron on tape, or my personal favorite, a hot glue gun. In this DIY project, the fabric was free, the cusions were about $6 each at Wal-Mart and it was fast and easy to do. Grant loves the soft feel of the cotton and I love that he has unique throw pillows with mixed prints for his big boy room. Enjoy!


Previously a tank top.


I worked around the house in the tank and my painters pants.


Previously a shirt.



6 months pregnant with Grant around Christmas of 2012


Still wearing the shirt after Grant was born


Previously a dress.


Way before Grant was born.


Tapered Progress 

Happy Friday all! I hope this week was amazing for everyone. On Fridays we all celebrate the progress that we’ve made by making it to the end of a work week. I thought I’d share some progress pictures of my current hair goal which is a tapered afro. The time span has been from November up until now. Check it out and leave comments about your current hair goals. Enjoy!



Most recent, I’m almost there!