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Halloween 2015


 This Halloween I went for a candy skull /day of the dead costume and here is how I pulled it together. I got the cat suit skeleton costume on amazon for around $20. I got the day of the dead face tattoos at a craft store for a few bucks.They go on like a typical temporary tattoo. I picked up 2 small bunches of flowers at the dollar store.


  I already had an old head band that I was no longer using and my hot glue gun. (no DIY’er can live with out it!) I used my hot glue gun to keep the flowers on the head band just alternating colors(It took me about 10 minutes). A little lip color and some touches here and there with my face paint and I was good to go. Happy Halloween! Enjoy! 


New Capsule Wardrobe


Getting dressed for any occasion is exhausting at this point in my life.I have tons of clothes in my closet but I always feel like I have nothing to wear. As if this wasn’t enough, I also have space and storage issues. In April of 2015, my husband and I purchased a 1929 cottage in our ideal neighborhood that needed renovations. Let’s face it, back in 1929 every thing was built for efficiency so we have a tiny closet. We both agreed to be clutter free in the new house but I am still struggling to figure out how to make the most of my miniature closet.
 Fast forward 7 months and…I am still having issues with “having nothing to wear.” I was searching for storage solutions when I came across a few articles that described a “capsule wardrobe” and I was immediately drawn to it. It put me in a mental space to have less things but of higher quality ,rather than have a bunch of cheaper items that I don’t want to wear.  I found Project333 extremely helpful. Project333 shows you how to create a capsule collection only wearing 33 pieces (Tops, Bottoms,Shoes) for 3 months.Between finding inspiration on Pinterest and Project333 I know I am ready for the next step which is to clean out my closet again. I recently got rid of a lot of items that no longer served me but I need to do another round now that I have a clear goal. I will take anything out of my closet that doesn’t fit well, is damaged, that I haven’t worn in a year, and most importantly, that I do not LOVE.


Oh yes I said LOVE! I didn’t realize how many items I had in my closet that fit into one of those categories. It never clicked in my mind that I should love every clothing item I own. I feel like a new door has been opened and I can’t wait to walk through it.  I want to give a capsule wardrobe a try. The way things are currently aren’t working so why not try something new.

I feel really good about doing something to simply my life. Go with me on this journey to a new wardrobe and join me if you “never have anything to wear.” Enjoy! 


Feel the Sun

IMG_7430Take a moment to feel the sun. When the sun is high in the sky, find your way outdoors and stand facing the sun. Close your eyes and take a deep breath for about 8-10 seconds. During those 8-10 seconds consciously focus on feeling the heat and warmth of the sun on your skin.

I started doing this shortly after the passing of one of my cousins’ that was like a brother to me. It was a regular morning and I was heading out for the day when I stopped briefly to take a breath. The sun was shining bright and I decided to close my eyes to appreciate the moment. In that time, I realized that my cousin would never feel the sun on his skin again.

We can get so busy with life that we may inadvertently neglect moments that are truly special. Find 8 seconds in your day and FEEL THE SUN. It costs you nothing and makes you feel so good. Enjoy! 


Fall OOTD-Brown and Black Together?!?

Here’s a little proof that brown and black mesh well together. I too used to toy with the idea that maybe it was too dark and gloomy to pair black and brown simply because I viewed them both as neutrals. I’ve gotten past those ideas and came up with an outfit using items already in my closet.

What I love about this Fall outfit is in the details. The texture of this top and the ribbing on the knee of the leggings make it interesting. I also broke up the darkness in the top and leggings with a long white tank top.Focus on the small things that create places for your eyes to go.



Top and Shoes-Old Navy


Custom Made Minimalist Necklace

I can remember a time when my earrings were just as big as my natural hair. Both of those things have changed over the last year or two and I’ve since become very attracted to minimalist fashion including jewelry. I was looking for the perfect necklace for me which would have a thin chain,dainty charm, and maybe even an initial on it. I was having trouble finding what I wanted so I as a last resort I started looking on Etsy when I discovered the amazing shop of Stella Salvador. I love this necklace so much that I wear it EVERYDAY!  

 Check out where you can check out all the other custom possibilities.

I appreciate how she gathers her inspiration and she was able to create EXACTLY what I wanted. As part of me exploring the possibility of starting a capsule wardrobe using minimalist pieces I felt like I should start now with only buying things that I love. Although a capsule wardrobe doesn’t always include jewelry, I think it’s very important my success to stay in the right mental space with loving my purchases. Enjoy!