Monthly Archives: July 2021

1st Birthday Party for Baby Girl

She’s finally 1! To be born in 2020 sounds wild to me but baby girl won’t know the difference until she’s much older and we share with her the history that was made during the year of her birth.

We had a small covid friendly birthday with grand parents and very close friends. It was small, low stress and just how I want all future parties to be for our family.

I had some great help putting it together! Shay Moné is always a great eye and helped with inspo and Tailored Moments with set up and execution! I was supposed to just bring food, the cake and plates but in true Brandy form, I got the wrong colors. I got a hot pink cake and orange plates. I just remembered the brightest colors while I was looking for inspiration and that’s what I got. Ha ha! Shay helped bring everything together with her ability to make anything work!

Despite that little hiccup, the party was a success and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Enjoy Color Bees!