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Flower Power | OOTD

It’s spring, nearly summer and you haven’t figured out a way to bring the blooms of nature into your wardrobe. I get it, you may not be a “floral” kind of girl. When I’m not modeling I wear tons of black all year around so just buying something with light bright flowers all over it wasn’t going to happen. However, I did figure out how to bring spring to my closet  on my own terms.

For this OOTD I stuck to what I love and added spring in my preferred pops of color. When I first saw these pants I loved that the background was black and the flowers were light.If I had to pick a pop of color for my lips or floral prints I would always go in the direction of the red-coral family.   The floral pants have a high waist which allows me to wear a crop top with out feeling over exposed. The pants are lined with shorts on the inside and are sheer from the mid thigh down. That definitely helps me to keep cool in the Texas heat. My top is crochet textured which has the power to make a look more interesting when you’re wearing dark colors.

Not just picking up the first thing with flowers all over it helped me to really love this look and want to wear it again and again. I added my DIY tassel earrings and my custom Milan Blocks purse to keep it funky! Don’t feel pressured to copy spring or summer trends on anyone else’s terms. Find authentic ways to incorporate things you like into your existing wardrobe. Enjoy!

Shirt- Similar Forever21

Pants- Similar  Forever21

Purse- Milan Blocks

Shoes- Similar Nine West

Earrings- DIY Tassel Earrings by Me


Animal Instinct

Today’s blog post is a joint effort with 4 other amazing women. I’m so excited to be apart of the Project Sister Act. Project Sister Act is a monthly theme spearheaded by Sheela Goh that helps debunk that fashion blogging is only dominated by one age group. May’s theme is “Animal Instinct”. You will see how women from different age groups rock animal prints effortlessly and in their own way.

I chose to break all of the rules and mix match prints that are not traditionally paired together. I have so many leopard print pieces in my wardrobe because I love it so much! I paired one of my favorite leopard print tops with floral pixie pants. To top it off, I threw in more animal print with my faux snake skin heels. There is no rhyme or reason for my choices other than I liked it and I felt confident wearing it. Leopard print is a neutral in my book and my pants are very spring/summer.

Check out how these other beautiful ladies spanning from teens to 50’s got in touch with their Animal Instincts, enjoy!


20’s- Chichi 

30’s- Me

40’s- Sheela

50’s- Suzanne








Natural, Wild and Free | OOTD 

I couldn’t find a graphic t-shirt that truly described me so I designed a few myself. This OOTD is casual as I paired it with a pair of thrifted denim shorts and wedge heels. Just like a good pair of wedges this entire look is comfortable and easy to wear. I wore this OOTD to the Bloggers Union meeting where I enjoyed a nice seat in a beach chair on the floor. Lol (Truly comfy, ha ha)

The inspiration behind this design in based on the phrase “young, wild and free.” I just know I don’t have the choice to always be young but I  can make the choice to always be natural. Matching with my favorite colors to wear, this shirt comes in black, white, gray, and pale pink.

Leave me a comment about what the phrase “natural, wild and free” means to you, Enjoy!

Graphic T-shirtMy Society 6 Shop

Shorts- Thrifted

Shoes-Nine West

Purse- J. McLaughlin

Swimming Into Summer | OOTD

Summer is near and with it comes shopping for a swimsuit. I can honestly say it’s not as exciting for me as it used to be since having a baby a few years ago. Trying to wear the same type of swimsuit as before I was pregnant was the main culprit. Triangle bikini tops and low rise bottoms are no longer my friends. Let’s just say my boobs are not exactly where they used to be after nursing for nearly a year and my mid section is a bit more squishy. Lol

Before you set out to shop for swimsuits (undies you get to show everyone) make sure you feeling good about yourself that day. We all have days when we don’t feel our best. If you are having the week from hell, DON’T GO SHOPPING FOR A SWIMSUIT! You’ll just regret it. Be sure you’re having a great hair day and maybe put on a little lipstick. You want to feel confident when you get naked. Lol

I adapted the style of clothing that I feel best in to a swimsuit and it helped tremendously. I love classic black and white so picking a color was a no brainer. A well fitting bra is a must have so I went for a more “bra” type of top with lots of support and voila! My breasts “look” like they are where they should be again. (At least while I’m wearing the suit. Lol) For the bottoms I took my love of high rise pants and picked a swim bottom that gives me the same comfort. A high rise bottom leaves me feeling not so exposed yet beautiful.

The great news is that I was able to get everything at one store, Old Navy! I feel like I could just move in there since I’m there all the time. You may have to mix and match brands if you’re looking for very different things for your top and bottom but thats okay. Before you shop for a swimsuit this summer think about clothing items that you feel best in and consider your body type before you head out. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed with trying on any and everything. If you don’t find something you love the first go round, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board until you do. Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite swimsuit shopping tips are, Enjoy!

Swimsuit, Denim Jacket, shoes- Old Navy

Box Clutch Purse-


OOTD | Classic Color Blocking

This is another OOTD like the perfect dress I posted a few weeks ago that is just everything I love. When I say  “everything I love” I mean black, white, coloring blocking, horizontal stripes, comfort, airy and loose.With the Houston heat having an outfit that catches a faint breezes is important.

I wanted this look to be minimal so the v-split in the back is what adds interest to a plain black top. Although they’re all white, the culottes themselves are interesting because at first glance you may not be entirely sure what they are. Not pants, not capris, could it be a skirt? No, they’re culottes!

My shoes are black with a wide faux snake skin strap across the toes. My accessories are minimal as well. I’m wearing my gold collar necklace and my gold nail bracelet from Charm Envy. The star of this look is the custom box clutch from Milan Blocks. On one side it has black and white horizontal stripes and on the custom side the the Authentically+B logo lettering. The chain strap is detachable so it can be used as a clutch or a purse.

This OOTD is fuss free, simple, comfortable and more importantly cool! Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite minimalist look is, Enjoy!

Top- Forever 21 (similar)

Culottes- Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes- Aldo

Necklace & Bracelet– Charm Envy

Box Clutch- Milan Blocks