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Comfy Shoes for the Entire Family

When you run around town like we do every family member needs a comfortable shoe!

DSW shoes for the entire family!

How He Wears Color: Servanté

I’m thrilled to be introducing you to another amazing creative, Servante Cook! He is a digital creator that is into skincare, home and menswear. He has an incredible sense of style, owns an amazing event planning business and is a really fun person to be around. Learn more about him by checking out his answers to a short interview below. Enjoy Color Bees!

Name: Servanté

Nickname: Ser, or Vanté

Age: 35

Birth City: Chicago

Ethnic background/Where are your parents from?/ Where are your grandparents from? I’m African American with both parents born here in the states. My grandparents were also African American, all born in southern parts of the states, like Arkansas.

Where do you live now: Houston

When did you first begin to love fashion?: Growing up my older cousin, Greg always had the dopest sneakers and outfits. Whatever he wore, I wanted it. I would borrow his clothes to wear on special days at school and I felt so fly! I believe this was when I first started to love fashion, and feel passionate about expressing myself through it.

Celebrity Crush: Kelly Rowland and Micheal B Jordan 🙂

Favorite song at the moment: “Taboo” by Sevyn Streeter

What is your favorite way to wear color? I love mixing patterns and prints. However, color blocking is also fun. Typically I bring in the color with my sneakers and work from there.

How does infusing color into your wardrobe make you feel? Daring! Wearing things that most guys may stir away from is exciting. I love complimenting my skin tone/ complexion with pops of color.

What are you working on? Right now my focus is growing my platform on social, and creating more content that makes sense to my business goals. I’m also releasing a men’s skincare line (@ser.skn) that I can’t wait to share with the world.

Where can people find/follow/connect with you? Follow me on Instagram at @iamservante ! Visit my blog and subscribe to my YouTube Channel IAMSERVANTE

How She Wears Color: Bibi Baimagambetova

Hey Color Bees!

It’s February 3rd and my first blog post of 2022 is going up, yay! I’m excited to share a new series here where I feature other creators that I love, respect and admire. It highlights them and “How they wear color”. Starting with this amazing woman, Bibigul Baimagambetova! Learn more about her by checking out her answers to a short interview below. Enjoy Color Bees!

Bibigul Baimagambetova – the longest name ever!

Nickname: Bibi or just B 🙂

Age: 27

Birth City: Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Ethnic background– I am Kazakh. My parents and grandparents are from Kazakhstan.

Where do you live now: Houston, Texas

When did you first begin to love fashion?
Literally since I was a little girl. I remember at the age of 5 stating to everyone that I’ll be a fashion designer, drawing outfits and gifting those drawings to my friends haha.

Celebrity Crush:
Oh so many! David Beckham, Pharrell, Henry Golding, Swizz Beatz to name a few. I like that they all seem to be family-oriented, creative and always inspiring.

Favorite song at the moment: Alicia Keys – Plentiful (feat. Pusha T)

What is your favorite way to wear color?
I try to incorporate colors every chance I can, even if it’s just a bold red lip. I find color blocking especially fun. As of lately, I’ve been obsessed with anything orange and green!

How does infusing color into your wardrobe make you feel?
Infusing color into my wardrobe automatically boosts my mood. It makes me feel both happy and powerful.

What are you working on?
I’m currently working on my next grade promotion (I’m a tender analyst in an oil and gas company by day.) I’m also aspired to be a lot more consistent on my socials, so I could continue growing my community. And most importantly, I’m working on getting strong mentally and physically. I have started working out again and incorporating yoga and meditation in my daily practices. I really hope to follow through with it this year.

Where can people find/follow/connect with you? You can find me on Instagram @xBibigul

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Enjoy Color Bees!


Capsule Wardrobe with 26 Items

When you think about a capsule wardrobe, your mind automatically thinks it will be boring and you’ll be back to adding items to your closet in no time. Here is a fun approach to a capsule wardrobe that includes prints, patterns and color!

List of Items

One Hat

One Pair of Jeans

One Pair of Printed Trousers

One Chain Belt

Two Pairs of Sunglass

Two Pairs of Earrings

Two Slip Dresses 

Two Sweaters

Two Graphic Tees

Two Jackets

Two Purses

3 Blazers

5 Pairs of Shoes

26 Items

This capsule only has 26 items in it! 8 items are accessories, 5 pairs of shoes and 13 garments. You probably have most of these things already and that’s a plus! I’ve style 9 super fun looks as examples for you but the possibilities are really infinite! Get ready to explore and have fun without breaking the bank. 

The pricier items are what I call investment or “forever” pieces so it’s okay to spend a bit more on items that are high quality and exceptionally made. 

Enjoy Color Bees!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9