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Easy Head Wrap Tutorial (4 styles)

Raise your hand if you love head wraps!!!! Me! Me! Me! Head wraps are the “icing on the cake” when it comes to style and is the saver of bad/lazy hair days too!

We all stare in amazement when see a beautifully tied head wrap but wrapping your mind around duplicating a style can be daunting. I’ve created this fun quick video to help you learn how to tie four different head wrap styles all under 10 minutes! Yes, by the end of the video you will have some basic technique on how to tie beautiful head wraps. Subscribe to the youtube channel and share this video with your friends who love head wraps too! Enjoy!

New Tory Burch Smart Watch – Gift Ideas for Her

The ToryTrack Collins hybrid smartwatch is comes in four distinct styles including a navy perforated leather strap with pops of red, a grosgrain fabric strap in a classic navy and ivory color combination, and gold-tone bracelets with toprings in orange or navy.

Shop all 4 styles here—–>

Why do I love this watch? Read on 🙂

PRECISION TIMEKEEPING Automatically changes time zones when you’re traveling.

SECOND TIME ZONE Easily and accurately converts the hour.

NOTIFICATION TECHNOLOGY Discreetly indicates when you have a phone call, text or email.

ACTIVITY TRACKING Automatically tracks and monitors daily activities, including custom goals.

SLEEP TRACKING Tracks the length and quality of sleep with the Tory Burch Collins hybrid smartwatch appLINK

TECHNOLOGY Allows you to seamlessly connect with your smartphone to access and control your music as well as take photos wirelessly; enables you to fnd your phone with the tap of a button.

NO CHARGING Coin cell bateries enable extended use without the need to rechargeThe ToryTrack Collins hybrid smartwatch line will be available in select Tory Burch boutiques, on and at select department stores beginning Holiday 2017.

Long story short, this watch is a dream! It’s professional and discreet for work settings. This is the gift that you will keep! No regifting with this baby!

Shop all 4 styles here—–>

Shop all 4 styles here—–>

wool blend coat

Cozy Outerwear from Abercrombie & Fitch

I am NOT down with skipping over Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas but I can’t lie, I am thinking about my gift giving already. I am at the stage in my life that I want to give practical gifts that will actually be loved and used. Classic styles are definitely the way to go. Thanks to Abercrombie & Fitch for sponsoring this cozy look!

If I were to receive this plaid coat from someone as a gift this holiday season I would be thrilled! This long wool blend coat will be in your closet forever! It is classic so it will forever be in style. It can easily be dressed up for more formal occasions as well as dressed down for a casual day of brunch and errands.

This floral embroidered tee is unbelievably soft and so dang cute! Just like the coat, it can easily be up styled for a fancier look if you need it to. It is totally a next level gray tee.

You generally can’t go into the world with out pants so why not wear the best jeans your butt ever felt?!?! These high rise distress denim jeans are amazing on so many different body types and they fit like a dream. I am happy to say that they are kid proofed. You can bend over, pick up , run with, and carry your kids around with out the fear of a “crack attack.” They stay in place and keep their shape all day.

I understand that you may get these pieces for someone else and end up keeping them for yourself. They really are that great so I included a special pine scented candle that will always remind you and your loved ones of the special holiday times. That will be easier to gift but get two just in case you need to keep that as well Lol Enjoy!

Plaid Coat

Floral Embroidered Tee

High Rise Denim Jeans



This look is sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch. All opinions are my own.