Monthly Archives: October 2020

Creative Halloween Makeup with Walmart

Halloween is near and I’ve partnered with Walmart to show you a fresh take on Halloween beauty. This Halloween is no doubt different from the past. We can still have a great time and be safe.

If you don’t quite feel like fully dressing up, just grab your favorite beauty products from Walmart and try a different take on Halloween. This is perfect for virtual fun! I went for a “you are a masterpiece” look and my beautiful sister joined in the fun with me. We used the NYX white and gold eyeliner to outline and highlight our facial features. We  painted our nails a beautiful turquoise color to add an extra pop of color.

We used this awesome mascara to finish the look. Lastly all you have to do was grab a picture frame and position it in front of you and we have a fun creative costume that would look cool for some quick photos at home or a virtual trick or treat. Take it a step further and put on some fun spooky filters and celebrate Halloween safely.

Enjoy Colorbees!

New Brand Alert! Free Assembly at Walmart

I’m really excited to partner with Walmart to share the launch of a new brand called Free Assembly! This brand is simple, sustainably sourced, high quality, durable, versatile, authentic and accessible and inclusive. Sounds amazing right? That’s because it is!

Fall is about rich earth tones and my corduroy jacket and pants are the perfect color. It’s a perfect combo for crisp fall days. These pieces can be worn as separates or together as a set like I styled it. Tucking in the jacket makes this look feel like a jumper. Corduroy is a fall staple fabric and it always will be. This jacket has a loose fit that I love for layering! These pieces are an amazing combo to put on repeat all season long! 

Enjoy Color Bees!