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Start Small & Don’t Quit

Hey Color Bees!!

It’s 5:45am on February 12th, 2024. As I drag my body from my warm bed to start my day I’m wrestling with my thoughts. After I drop the kids off at school next up is my workout. All I can think about right now is how “cold” it is outside and that I really don’t feel like exercising. My next thought is, “WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME HOW HARD THIS WILL CONTINUE TO BE!?!”

Truly adapting to a new lifestyle that is.

How It Started

I first tried to become more active in December of 2021. Of course it was a part of my new year goals. I thought, I’d get a jump start and begin before January. I got a peloton bike and got riding! That lasted for 4 months until I was hit with some pretty terrible sciatic pain. I could not figure out what the cause of the pain was at the time and it really put a damper on things. I was doing all sorts of different stretches but it didn’t seem to help. I was honestly scared to move my body as much because I wasn’t sure what would make it worse. There were nights that I could not sleep because the pain was so horrible. That left me exhausted and with zero energy to get through my days. I saw my doctor and she offered some pain medication while I figured it out but had no real answer for the pain. I got a PT referral and I eventually discovered a herniated disc in my cervical spine through an MRI. That was the answer for some of the neck and arm pain I had experienced off and on but not the sciatic pain.

A Pit Stop

I did not get moving again until December 2022. And OF COURSE, it was a part of my new year goals again. I resolved to not quit this time because I had quit so many times before. While I was still happy to have my peloton, I felt as though I needed a super attainable workout goal that I could commit to without question. It was at that time that I made a goal to walk every day for about 20 minutes. Even if it ended up being a 10 minute walk, it was better than not moving at all. By committing to a daily walk, I noticed so much improvement in my sciatic pain. That daily walk helped me connect the dots. I was sitting down on my ass way too much and my glute muscles were weak. That combination of pressure and wear was a recipe for my sciatic pain. 

Things Fall Apart

Sciatic pain was a new discomfort for me. Prior to 2020 I had never felt it before outside of pregnancy. But I also was not working from home, sitting for zooms all day while breast-feeding a baby. We all have our 2020 stories and this is a part of mine. I went from being a classroom teacher who was up walking around all the time , working on the floor with children to being on zoom primarily, which meant I was sitting. My computer and phone usage plus breast feeding with horrible posture totally wrecked my neck and made me less active with out noticing. Zoom had just become a way of life for teaching and I used the laptop a lot for my blog work.

Basically, pain brought me to movement.

Making Connections

Mentally it’s harder than it is physically. I feel like no one that I have seen so far talks about how deeply hard it is to start and continue a workout routine when it is just not who you are or rather, who you’ve been. What I mean by that is that a lifestyle of movement has not always been a part of your routine. No one really taught it to me or showed me a living example of what it means to embody health and wellness. If you are like me, you are figuring it out as you get older, and your body starts to say no to things no longer can tolerate. Truthfully our bodies probably have never loved the lack of movement and poor nutrition but we are likely at a place where we’re getting signals that are revealing the discomfort. 

How It’s Going

Every single day, since I’ve made that decision to be more active, I resolved not to quit yet again. It is literally a daily decision, and it has not gotten easier for me, but I have remained committed. With walking and full body strength training, so many of my aches and pains have gone away. No more lower back pain that I’ve had for years and ignored, no sciatic pain, unless I am sitting for hours and hours and hours, and now I am working to strengthen my neck and shoulder muscles to provide some relief for my neck discomfort. It continues to be a challenge, but the more and more I feel better the more I understand that I can never go back. I am just doing my best! I encourage you to also just do your best. Think about what you and your body needs to feel better and do that. Commit and recommit to it daily. It may not necessarily get easier, but you will never regret taking care of your body with regular movement.

Start small and don’t quit! Try My Nightly Stretch Routine

My Top 5 Buys of 2023: A Year of Style, Fitness, and Self-Care

2023 is wrapped up and it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year’s highlights. For me, that includes the most used purchases that have truly elevated my lifestyle. From fashion to fitness and skincare, here are my top 5 buys of the year. They have not only added joy to my daily routine but also enhanced my overall well-being.

1. New Balance 515 V3 & Dynasoft Nergize Sport V2 Running Shoe

Kicking off the list is the New Balance 515 V3 Sneaker and Dynasoft Nergize Sport V2 Running Shoe. A game-changer in my world. The first pair in white seamlessly blend style and comfort, making them the perfect choice for both casual outings and active days.

2023 was a year of getting active for me so the Dynasoft Nergize Sport V2 Running Shoe was so important for my walking journey. I set out to walk more this year and this is the shoe I clocked so many miles in. They feel like walking on air and I traveled in them quite a bit too!

2. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells:

In my fitness journey, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells have been an absolute revelation. These versatile dumbbells replace an entire set, allowing for space savings and quick weight adjustments with just a turn of the dial. As I’m getting stronger I don’t have to spend more money on more weights. Investing in these dumbbells has undoubtedly taken my strength and home gym to the next level.

3. Quilted Bomber Jacket:

Transitioning into the world of fashion, this quilted Bomber Jacket has become a staple in my wardrobe. Its stylish yet functional design adds a touch of edginess to any outfit, and the quilted detailing provides an extra layer of warmth during cooler months. It’s great for rainy days and cool days alike.

4. Ilia Multi Stick – Shade a Fine Romance:

The Ilia multi stick in Shade a Fine Romance has earned its spot on my list for its multitasking magic on my deep skin tone. This versatile product serves as a blush, lip tint, and eyeshadow, simplifying my beauty routine while delivering a natural, radiant finish. The subtle, rosy hue adds a touch of warmth to my complexion, making it a must-have in my makeup arsenal.

5. Colleen Rothschild Skincare:

Last but certainly not least, my skincare routine received a major upgrade with Colleen Rothschild products. I’ve finally moved from only wanting to do the bare basics to enjoying skincare as self care. From cleansers to serums, each product is meticulously crafted with high-quality ingredients to nourish and revitalize the skin. The luxurious feel of these skincare gems has turned my daily skincare routine into a ritual where I get to pamper myself daily.

These top 5 buys have left an indelible mark on my year and enhanced so many aspects of my life. Whether it’s stepping out in style, breaking a sweat in garage gym, or indulging in a skincare regimen that feels like a spa day, these purchases have truly made a difference. Here’s to a year of style, fitness, and self-care – may 2024 bring even more exciting discoveries and delightful meaningful buys for you! Love ya Color Bees! (You can get direct access to all my buys by following me in the LTK app)


Brandy G.

wool blend coat

Cozy Outerwear from Abercrombie & Fitch

I am NOT down with skipping over Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas but I can’t lie, I am thinking about my gift giving already. I am at the stage in my life that I want to give practical gifts that will actually be loved and used. Classic styles are definitely the way to go. Thanks to Abercrombie & Fitch for sponsoring this cozy look!

If I were to receive this plaid coat from someone as a gift this holiday season I would be thrilled! This long wool blend coat will be in your closet forever! It is classic so it will forever be in style. It can easily be dressed up for more formal occasions as well as dressed down for a casual day of brunch and errands.

This floral embroidered tee is unbelievably soft and so dang cute! Just like the coat, it can easily be up styled for a fancier look if you need it to. It is totally a next level gray tee.

You generally can’t go into the world with out pants so why not wear the best jeans your butt ever felt?!?! These high rise distress denim jeans are amazing on so many different body types and they fit like a dream. I am happy to say that they are kid proofed. You can bend over, pick up , run with, and carry your kids around with out the fear of a “crack attack.” They stay in place and keep their shape all day.

I understand that you may get these pieces for someone else and end up keeping them for yourself. They really are that great so I included a special pine scented candle that will always remind you and your loved ones of the special holiday times. That will be easier to gift but get two just in case you need to keep that as well Lol Enjoy!

Plaid Coat

Floral Embroidered Tee

High Rise Denim Jeans



This look is sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch. All opinions are my own.

Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style

Buffalo Plaid Poncho

Thank you Charming Charlie for sponsoring this look!

Buffalo Plaid Poncho $30

Striped Shirt $16

Print Pants $34

Plaid Rain Boots $29

Star Purse $16

This is such a fun look for a cool rainy day! At some point this Fall it will be wet and cloudy but you can bring the sunshine with this outfit.

The bright red colors is one of the keys to the “cheerful” feeling of this look. Now add the different horizontal striped pattern in the tee shirt and you’ve added another great element to this look. The pants are a cropped pixie pant but the small plaid pattern add even more interest to this look with an extra dose of print. You know me! I’m all about print, patterns and color! Lastly, on my feet are ultra fun plaid rain boots from Charming Charlie to keep my toes dry while I looks cute.

Pop on a bold red lip color and your favorite pair on sunglasses and run out of the door. This look is completely comfortable, kid friendly and mom proof. I guarantee that your littles with want to snuggle in your poncho. Enjoy!

Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style Buffalo plaid, buffalo plaid Ruana, plain raid boots, christmas style

Fashion X HOUSTON 

Thank you Koh Gen Do for inviting me out to join behind-the-scenes for Fashion X HOUSTON. I was busy with work and life so I was unable to see the 1st and 2nd night of fashion but the final night of Fashion X HOUSTON did not disappoint. It was filled with talented designers that poured their hearts and souls into every single garment that came down the runway. I had to skip out right at the intermission so not all of the designers that presented are shown in this post. 

What I enjoyed the most is being amongst so many smiling faces both familiar and new. Everyone looked beautiful and the positive energy matched the prints, stunning colors, and unique designs that hit the runway. Enjoy!