Fall Essentials from Old Navy

Twinning with your little one NEVER gets old! Thanks Old Navy for sponsoring this fabulous fall look! There are some prints and patterns that you need to get your hands on every single fall season and buffalo plaid is one of them.

One of the best tips when it comes to twinning is matching patterns. It automatically ups the cute factor and seamlessly syncs you with your mini. When I shopped for this look I took grant with me and asked him to help choose an outfit that would make us look like twins. The look on his face when he saw that we could both wear “red shirts” was the sweetest! I took it from there but boy did he feel accomplished.

For our bottoms I went with a dark black jean on the bottom while Grant has a grey jean. I switched that idea for our jackets so that I could have a grey wash on my jacket and let Grant have a richer black wash denim jacket. I love that Grant’s denim jacket has a hoodie on it so that his head and ears stay warm. Twinning is about “looking alike” but the deeper idea is that you are recognizably connected to your loved one. This always make us so happy that we just smile and have to best time together when we twin. See what joy twinning can bring in to your life.

Shop our looks below and be sure to send me pictures of you and you little s twinning!


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