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I’m ecstatic to be finally be launching my BEE YOU Basics Collection! It’s important to me that I share uplifting thoughts often for myself and for others because you never know who is in need. BEE YOU is the ultimate reminder to be true to who you are at any given moment. We live in a world where we see a lot of the “same” but the power and all things special lives & rests in our individuality. No one person shares the exact same story or exact experiences. You can literally put on this reminder as a part of your daily self care routine. Whether your’e having your morning coffee/tea, or getting dressed, BEE YOU can bring you back to being connected to your truest self. Click here to shop!

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1st Birthday Party for Baby Girl

She’s finally 1! To be born in 2020 sounds wild to me but baby girl won’t know the difference until she’s much older and we share with her the history that was made during the year of her birth.

We had a small covid friendly birthday with grand parents and very close friends. It was small, low stress and just how I want all future parties to be for our family.

I had some great help putting it together! Shay Moné is always a great eye and helped with inspo and Tailored Moments with set up and execution! I was supposed to just bring food, the cake and plates but in true Brandy form, I got the wrong colors. I got a hot pink cake and orange plates. I just remembered the brightest colors while I was looking for inspiration and that’s what I got. Ha ha! Shay helped bring everything together with her ability to make anything work!

Despite that little hiccup, the party was a success and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Enjoy Color Bees!

New Floors at Casa Color Bee

The freeze in Houston did a number on us! We did have to redo all of the plumbing in our house. With that came floor damage from water and foot traffic. Our floors were in poor shape so we went ahead and took the leap to redo them. We chose a tile that is super durable that has a wood look. We chose this because it is virtually indestructible and the kids literally can’t mess it up. It also gave us an opportunity to get rid of the horrible carpet that was on our stairs and in our upstairs. Enjoy these process photos.

Enjoy Color Bees!

Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection

Thank you to Pantene for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My hair has been through it all! Countless styles, braids, twists and even some heat. Do I regret it? No. Does my hair need to be rescued? Absolutely! I’m partnering with one of my go to, tried and true hair care brands Pantene to share how I rescue my hair with Pantene Pro V Miracle Rescue Collection.

Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Collection helps erase damage of past styles so that my hair can be ready for more fun and experimentation. After using the Pantene Miracle Rescue products my hair has more shine, it’s dramatically softer and smooth. It also does a great job eliminating frizz which is so important for curly hair.

When I wash my braids I pay attention to my scalp and roots because that’s where I tend to get build up. After washing my braids with Pantene shampoo, I mix about 4 pumps of the Moisture Mix-In into the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment in my hands then massage it into my braids from mid length to end of where my hair ends in the extensions. After leaving it in for 1-3 minutes I rinse it out. The combination of lipids and avocado oil really amps up the moisture and helps with that frizz control. The Deep Conditioning Treatment is so effective that it repairs signs of damage as well as a $60 treatment. That means more money can stay in my pocket!

In a few weeks I’ll take my braids out and I will be adding in the Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot into my conditioning routine too. The Rescue Shot is Pantene’s most concentrated Pro-V formula and contains a combination of Pro-V nutrients including pro-vitamin B5, replenishing lipids, moisturizing glycerin, and an amino acid duo. It’s the perfect weekly pick-me-up if you need some deep conditioning in your wash routine.

With this self care routine my hair is ready for the possibility of color, definitely ready for some much needed sun, and ready for any new hair styles that I can dream up! You can learn more about the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection here.

Enjoy Color Bees!

Capsule Wardrobe with 26 Items

When you think about a capsule wardrobe, your mind automatically thinks it will be boring and you’ll be back to adding items to your closet in no time. Here is a fun approach to a capsule wardrobe that includes prints, patterns and color!

List of Items

One Hat

One Pair of Jeans

One Pair of Printed Trousers

One Chain Belt

Two Pairs of Sunglass

Two Pairs of Earrings

Two Slip Dresses 

Two Sweaters

Two Graphic Tees

Two Jackets

Two Purses

3 Blazers

5 Pairs of Shoes

26 Items

This capsule only has 26 items in it! 8 items are accessories, 5 pairs of shoes and 13 garments. You probably have most of these things already and that’s a plus! I’ve style 9 super fun looks as examples for you but the possibilities are really infinite! Get ready to explore and have fun without breaking the bank. 

The pricier items are what I call investment or “forever” pieces so it’s okay to spend a bit more on items that are high quality and exceptionally made. 

Enjoy Color Bees!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9