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Self Care with Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection

I’ve partnered with Pantene to bring you this sponsored content. Of course, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am rediscovering my “Hairitage” with the Pantene Nutrient Blends collection. My lifestyle is very busy and usually always on the go. Reconnecting with my hair is something that I did not give a lot of time to outside of styling. I do believe that trying new things is the cornerstone of evolution, but we do need to remember our history.

From the time that I can remember, I have always known my mother to block out time for her hair care. She would not accept invitations to go out or to do things when it was her hair day. I typically multitask myself into the ground and I always felt like I could not do that anymore. At the feet of my mother, I am reminded that real self-care is simply taking the time to pour into yourself. Being pregnant right now is really making me slow down and I need to take time to care for my entire self. That means resting, making quality time for myself, caring for my skin and my hair. As an expecting mom, you want to look and feel beautiful too. Caring for my hair with Pantene’s Nutrient Blends Collection was just what I needed.

The Fortifying Damage Repair with Castor Oil shampoo and conditioner is free of sulfates, parabens, dye and mineral oil. I use the castor oil shampoo to clean, strengthen and protect my hair but don’t worry, it’s a gentle cleanse that even works for frequent washing. I use the castor oil conditioner to nourish and restore my hair with shine. The castor oil overnight repair serum helps to restore the health of my hair. I have neglected my hair so much that the overnight repair serum is one of the only things that can take my hair from its driest form to soft and moisturized again.

It’s okay to close the door and take the time for yourself. For me that means remembering to take time for my hair. Wash day for natural hair is not an inconvenience, it is an opportunity for self-care.

Enjoy ColorBees!

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