It’s important to me that I share uplifting thoughts often for myself and for others because you never know who is in need. This BEE YOU is the ultimate reminder to be true to who you are at any given moment. We live in a world where we see a lot of the “same” but the power and all things special lives & rests in our individuality. No one person shares the exact same story or exact experiences. You can literally put on this reminder as a part of your daily self care routine. Whether your’e having your morning coffee/tea, or getting dressed, BEE YOU can bring you back to being connected to your truest self. The first offerings consist of the BEE YOU crew neck sweatshirt for adults and kids, a coffee mug, socks, and a beanie hat in classic black and white. Even color lovers like myself love closet staples in classic colors.

Enjoy Color Bees!