10 Hair Styles for an Undercut

The other day someone told me that I had a brave haircut. I smiled and on the inside I wished everyone felt like they could do something brave with their hair. You may think having an undercut  would really limit how you can style your hair but for me the possibilities seem endless. I put together a snapshot of ten styles I could create with an undercut and box braids. Hopefully this will give you the push you need to do something “Brave” with your hair. Leave me a comment about which style is your favorite.  Enjoy!

1. Top Knot

2. Side Braid

3. Side swept & down

4. Straight back braid

5. Ponytail

6. Half up, half down

7. Low ponytail (hidden under cut)

8. Low twisted side bun

9. Bow up do

10. Messy bun


  1. oh my gosh I can’t!???? I. AM. NOT. CAPABLE!! I LOOOOOOOOVE ALL OF THEM! This is so me. Aaaaaaahhh!❤️❤️?
    *goes and picks dignity from the floor*- sorry about that ???xx

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