Creative Halloween Makeup with Walmart

Halloween is near and I’ve partnered with Walmart to show you a fresh take on Halloween beauty. This Halloween is no doubt different from the past. We can still have a great time and be safe.

If you don’t quite feel like fully dressing up, just grab your favorite beauty products from Walmart and try a different take on Halloween. This is perfect for virtual fun! I went for a “you are a masterpiece” look and my beautiful sister joined in the fun with me. We used the NYX white and gold eyeliner to outline and highlight our facial features. We  painted our nails a beautiful turquoise color to add an extra pop of color.

We used this awesome mascara to finish the look. Lastly all you have to do was grab a picture frame and position it in front of you and we have a fun creative costume that would look cool for some quick photos at home or a virtual trick or treat. Take it a step further and put on some fun spooky filters and celebrate Halloween safely.

Enjoy Colorbees!

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