DIY No Sew Privacy Curtain

So many teachers from my school have these DIY no sew privacy curtains in their classrooms. A lot of us have desks with open backs so everything under our desks are exposed. Me personally, I like to sit comfortably in my chair even when I’m wearing a dress/skirt so this DIY curtain is a real problem solver for me. Even if your desk or storage area isn’t open, this could add some color and interest to your space. Here’s what you need. (Note: We got all our supplies from Hobby Lobby.)

  1. Fabric (1-3 yards)
  2. Small spring rod
  3. Ironing Hem tape
  4. Iron

Fold down the fabric enough for the rod to fit the space and iron it in place. Be sure the fold includes a space for the ironing tape.  Now place your hem tape under the fold near the bottom. Iron on top of the fabric according to the directions that came with your hem tape.  Repeat the process for the bottom of the fabric if you don’t want it to be a raw edge. Enjoy!



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