Essie Sleek Stick Nail Designs

While I was at the dollar store getting some things for my Halloween costume, I came across some ESSIE sleek stick nail coverings. The packaging says they are UV cured and long lasting. I couldn’t believe I had come across an ESSIE product in the dollar store!!! I first felt like, “How good could they be to end up in the dollar store?” My second thought was, “It’s too cheap not to try it!” I put them on as instructed. Making sure to wash my hands with soap and water to remove oils and dirt. I then followed up by cleaning each nail with an alcohol wipe. The package includes the nail stickers, a nail file, instructions, and  a clear stick to push cuticles with. It does not include alcohol wipes.

I tried the croc’n chic design and they came out looking really cool. I have very small hands so getting a good fit for each nail was a slight challenge but I worked it out. I put them on Thursday before Halloween and 5 days later they are in better condition than my regular nail polish. They nail stickers survived for 5 days with the following activities: trick or treating with a 2 year old (Lots of picking him up), showers, cooking, and TEACHING! There is some chipping at the very tips of my nails but not as bad as my nail polish would be. So far, I can’t say my $1 was wasted. I will be sure to update again about maximum wear time. Has any one else tried the ESSIE sleek sticks before? If so, what was your experience?  


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