What Is a “Capsule” Wardrobe?

IMG_9219In my previous post New Capsule Wardrobe ,I talked about taking the first steps to starting my first capsule wardrobe. I then realized that if I didn’t know what a capsule wardrobe was until recently, then there are surely many more people who don’t know as well.

A capsule wardrobe can be described as a collection of clothing items (between 30-50 depending on who you ask) that are versatile and can be easily mixed and matched to create new looks. It is suppose to simplify your life when it comes to getting dressed. You should always have the ability to put together an outfit that you will want to wear. If it works for you, it should also rid you of those reoccurring moments of trying to get dressed and having “nothing to wear” ,though you have tons of clothes in your closet.

I think the key to having a successful capsule wardrobe is to be super picky about what you choose to add to your collection. You should LOVE every piece that’s included. It will also help you to focus on acquiring quality items that will last, versus cheaply made clothing that will need to be replaced often.

To get started, first do some research and clean out your closet. A great place to start is Project333. Get rid of things that don’t fit well, are damaged, or that you don’t love anymore. Next ,rebuild your wardrobe with staple pieces to will last because they are well made and classic. Enjoy!


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