Express Your Ambition at SXSW

A huge thanks to Express for sponsoring this fabulous look!

If you shop in store get $25 off a purchase of $100+ using the ring code: 3388

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Let’s start with what I love most about shopping with Express. I adore that I can get a complete look from ONE store. This brings me so much joy because of my super busy schedule. When I went to shop for this look I was able to get my outfit, sunglasses, purse and earrings all at Express. Express has a pretty shoe collection too but I find it hard to find shoes to fit my super skinny foot. (Ha ha!)

Putting this look together was all about me me having my feet in two different worlds. One world is all business (my pants). With the wide leg classic design, traditional colors, and fun stripes they can be worn to business meetings, meet ups, and coffee dates. They are versatile and when I see them it just reminds me of all of my business ambitions.

The other world is fashion! In this world I express myself through color, design and how I’m feeling at the moment. My goal is to feel confident, sexy, and vibrant. The bodysuit is from the Express: One Eleven collection and it does just that! The red color and deep-v design just sets me ablaze! I feel comfortable, powerful and confident in it.

Once I paired the pants and bodysuit together, I stared to get this “retro feel” so I topped it off with these round reflective sunglasses. Since the neckline is low on the top I knew I could go crazy with cool earrings or necklace. I went for these amazing metal ball earrings. They really do add something special to this look. Lastly, the red bow clutch is the icing on the cake. It’s so simple yet elegant. It will definitely be on repeat with other Express looks.

The next time you are out shopping, pull elements into your outfit from all of your areas of interests to see what you come up with. You’ll be surprised at the magic you can make when you “Express Your Ambition”.


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