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Photo Inspiration | IKEA Photo Challenge

Before you read any further, it is important for you to know the ALL of these photos were taken inside of Ikea Houston. 🙂 If you’re an IKEA lover like I am, this is soooo for you! If you find walking into Ikea a bit overwhelming (I know it’s a lot of stuff) this may be a way to help take things a little bit at a time. Most of all, this is a little life lesson on working with what you’ve got!

My blogging buddy Pam Del and I hit up Ikea for a different type of inspiration. This time it was all about taking the cute but ordinary displays/models and making it look like I woke up in my ideal patio,coffee shop, living room, and flower market!

The first set of images is on the ground level of Ikea Houston right before you get to the registers. As you can see, it looks like I am enjoying a nice cup of tea on a sunny day. The colors are fun and bright like spring and I have everything I need at my finger tips (Theoretically). In real life Pam had to strategically tuck and hide a lot of red tags to pull this shot off.

The second set of images gives you the illusion of being in a cozy out door coffee shop. Keeping the chill of with a nice pink moto jacket that is perfect for spring and and cool wide brimmed hat. I real life, Pam was hiding red tags left and right.

The third set of photos gives the illusion that I’ve just stumbled up a field of flowers or my neighborhood coffee shop! It’s so beautiful right?!?! Ikea is getting their hands on some really amazing faux flowers there days! Again, I’m wearing the perfect spring floral dress, the sun is shining on me and all is right with the world. Ha ha!

In the final set of photos, I reimagined my floral dress as a comfy robe and put my feet up to relax with a book after a long day. Looking relaxed, comfortable, and “at home” was the main goal of this photo. Pam got the perfect angle to capture this look.

This was so much fun to do because it serves as a blaring reminder to work with what you’ve got. There may be “red tags”(distractions) hanging everywhere and people (haters) staring at you because you are doing something unconventional. You can not let that stop you from taking your shot!


Want more? My buddy Pam came to shoot my IKEA loving self & I got some awesome shots of her too! So head on over to her blog to see what she shot inside of IKEA!

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