Feel the Sun

IMG_7430Take a moment to feel the sun. When the sun is high in the sky, find your way outdoors and stand facing the sun. Close your eyes and take a deep breath for about 8-10 seconds. During those 8-10 seconds consciously focus on feeling the heat and warmth of the sun on your skin.

I started doing this shortly after the passing of one of my cousins’ that was like a brother to me. It was a regular morning and I was heading out for the day when I stopped briefly to take a breath. The sun was shining bright and I decided to close my eyes to appreciate the moment. In that time, I realized that my cousin would never feel the sun on his skin again.

We can get so busy with life that we may inadvertently neglect moments that are truly special. Find 8 seconds in your day and FEEL THE SUN. It costs you nothing and makes you feel so good. Enjoy! 


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