Mini-Me Looks for Boy Moms from Old Navy

Twinning with your little one is so much fun but when you’re a boy mom it can be a challenge to find something just right for the both of you. You definitely want something super cute but it isn’t as easy as “matching floral prints” like you would with a girl. Old Navy sponsored this perfect look and fixed our twinning worries.

It was so nice to go outside of the normal “matching colors” scheme into humorous graphic tees. We all joke about our kids being a “chip off of the old block” anyways and now, we can share that joke with everyone who sees us. Our life tends to be like a dramatic film anyway so comparing us to movies is just perfect. Ha ha!

I took it a step further with a bright white color scheme. It’s no surprise that as the temperatures rise wearing light colors will help us to stay cool. Incorporating that idea with some layers seems to be the perfect recipe. I paired my white shorts with a white denim jacket. I spiced Grant’s entire look up with a matching fun, yet light print. Grant called them his “trip clothes” so I guess they do give off a slight vacation vibe.   If we snuck off to see a movie together we wouldn’t be too chilly with his over shirt and my jacket.

Accessories really bring a look together so our similar sunglasses and shoes is the icing on the cake. If you have other fun ideas about how boy moms can mini-me we would love to hear about it. Drop us a line! Enjoy!

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