Scarves Galore

We all have those accessories that we love but are a hot mess because they are disorganized and scattered everywhere. While I’m cleaning out more and more of my closet to transition to a capsule wardrobe, I find it necessary to inventory everything. Once it’s staying in the closet it must be organized. All my scarves were on a multi pant hanger that made it hard to see what I had in the scarf department.

Recently I got a nifty little scarf holder from Target that holds 15 scarves. It lets me fold each one neatly so that I can see them all at once. One of my biggest problems while getting dressed is not being able to find things when I need them so this helps a lot. Ikea does have a scarf hanger with more loops but as I’m minimizing, I don’t want to be tempted to fill every loop because it’s there. I have 7 loops that are empty but I don’t intend to fill them. Less is more, right?!? How do organize your accessories?







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