Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection

Thank you to Pantene for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My hair has been through it all! Countless styles, braids, twists and even some heat. Do I regret it? No. Does my hair need to be rescued? Absolutely! I’m partnering with one of my go to, tried and true hair care brands Pantene to share how I rescue my hair with Pantene Pro V Miracle Rescue Collection.

Pantene’s Miracle Rescue Collection helps erase damage of past styles so that my hair can be ready for more fun and experimentation. After using the Pantene Miracle Rescue products my hair has more shine, it’s dramatically softer and smooth. It also does a great job eliminating frizz which is so important for curly hair.

When I wash my braids I pay attention to my scalp and roots because that’s where I tend to get build up. After washing my braids with Pantene shampoo, I mix about 4 pumps of the Moisture Mix-In into the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment in my hands then massage it into my braids from mid length to end of where my hair ends in the extensions. After leaving it in for 1-3 minutes I rinse it out. The combination of lipids and avocado oil really amps up the moisture and helps with that frizz control. The Deep Conditioning Treatment is so effective that it repairs signs of damage as well as a $60 treatment. That means more money can stay in my pocket!

In a few weeks I’ll take my braids out and I will be adding in the Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot into my conditioning routine too. The Rescue Shot is Pantene’s most concentrated Pro-V formula and contains a combination of Pro-V nutrients including pro-vitamin B5, replenishing lipids, moisturizing glycerin, and an amino acid duo. It’s the perfect weekly pick-me-up if you need some deep conditioning in your wash routine.

With this self care routine my hair is ready for the possibility of color, definitely ready for some much needed sun, and ready for any new hair styles that I can dream up! You can learn more about the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection here.

Enjoy Color Bees!

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