Picnic Style with Old Navy

Now that our weather is beginning to be more pleasant, I’m partnering with Old Navy on this fashion post to bring you some picnic style! There are a few tips that you can keep in mind to make sure that you are comfortable and perfectly stylish for your outdoor soiree.

The first thing you should consider is always comfort. I chose the Old Navy power jeans because I know that they would be great to “mom” in. When you have little ones, you will end up chasing them, playing, and picking them up. I’d love to wear a pretty dress to a picnic if I were going with out my son. Do I go anywhere without him though? Ha ha!

In addition to comfort, think about you body temperature. It has been a very cool beginning to this spring season. I am always a little cold so I layered a horizontal striped tee under my gingham blouse. However, if I warm up while I’m out doors I can easily take off a layer. These two tops together are a fun moment for pattern play and the collar of the shirt is a sweet pop of color.

I know my shoes are super “matchy matchy” but thats why I love it. I chose these comfortable wedges with a cute gingham bow on them to compliment my look. I mean, I could not help but to¬† feel drawn to the idea of a “classic picnic blanket” with I styled this look.

Of course I had to bring in one more contrasting pop of color and my cross body purse was the answer. Now I’m ready for a super stylish picnic. Don’t forget you sunglasses!


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