Rustic Jewelry Holder

This jewelry holder is one of the simplest D+I+Y projects I’ve ever done. What’s so great about it is that the customization options are endless.

Decide how large you want your wood to be and how many knobs you want. Get a piece of wood that’s to your liking. I got mine at the lumber area of habitat for humanity home improvement store for less than $2. Sand your wood to avoid splinters.

I picked up my knobs at hobby lobby. I literally held 5 knobs in my hand at a time and switched them out one at a time until I liked the combination that I had.

Lastly, drill the holes evenly spaced based on the size of the knob stems. Tread the knob through the holes that you drilled and screw the washer and nut to the back. I used craft wire and my mini staple gun to make a place to hang it from.




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