Style A Red Bikini

Every single summer I find that I’m “obsessed” with something. Whether it’s a trend, color, or a particular item, it happens to me with out fail. Last year it was anything that was off the shoulder. The year before that it was deconstructed denim. Something always gets me!

This summer my summer thing is red swimwear! From bikinis to one pieces, I am definitely ALL IN! Truthfully I’m very particular about the type of two piece that I’m comfortable wearing and this year, I found one that I love before the first day of summer.

I’ve had a child that is now five but I still prefer a high waisted bikini bottom because it makes me feel less exposed. I have a need to cover up my belly button. Ha ha! I also like a top that feels a bit more secure and that doesn’t make me feel like my breasts are going to fall out. Again, I have had a child so my breast do whatever they want. Whether it’s a one piece or a two piece, I have not shame and the beach will get the body that I take to it!


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