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How to Choose the Right Home:Modern Cottage

After showing the before pictures of our house remodel yesterday I got several messages asking why we ultimately decided on the cottage. I wish I had one straight forward answer but it was really many things that helped us reach a decision.

  1. The Location was Perfect– The one thing you can never change about a house is where it is! We drove around neighborhoods and compiled a list of areas we’d love to live in and areas that were absolutely out of the question. Our cottage was is our dream area.
  2. Needs Vs Wants– We had a laundry list of “must haves” for our realtor but after viewing many houses we quickly realized that what we needed was an opportunity to be in our ideal location. Most of the items on our list were not deal breakers.The cottage had all we needed: A spacious front and back yard on a quiet street, great schools for our son Grant who will be school age in a couple of years, and lastly charm and history. On our search it didn’t take long to realize how much we hated “cookie cutter” neighborhoods and homes. As my husband Mike would say, “I don’t want to be able to walk in my neighbor’s house and know where to go.”Lol We knew we could make the cottage our own by preserving the craftsmanship and  quirkily elements of the home.
  3. It was a great investment. We saw a continuous increase in property values which may mean that we are less likely to loose money on it if we decided to sell in the future.

If you are thinking about buying a home, consider your location, investment potential, and true needs and you’ll come out on top.Enjoy!



Modern Cottage?

I’m very excited to finally start sharing one of my primary inspirations for my blog! My (our) MODERN COTTAGE!!!! Back in April of 2015 the Mr. and I closed on a 1920’s cottage in a historic neighborhood of a Houston suburb. The first time we got the listing from our realtor we could not even believe she sent it to us.? The cottage probably had 1 or 2 items on our lengthy “must haves” list and needed everything in the universe done to it. Lol

Needless to say, for various reasons we ultimately decided to buy the 1920’s cottage. Throughout 2016 I will be sharing all the TLC we had to put in our house to make it our home.  The process of completing all the work and moving in was extremely long and stressful. We closed in April of 2015 and did not move in until August of 2015. In fact, I spent my entire summer (I’m a teacher) working on our house with minimal days off. We eventually got it done with the support of our friends and family.We couldn’t have done it with out them. We still have projects to do around the house so go with me on this DIY journey, Enjoy !


These are photos from the original online listing that we saw when we decided to check out this house. Pretty bad right?!?

1920’s Prohibition “SPEAKEASY” Party

The cottage that Mike (my husband) and I purchased in April was built in the 1920’s. My friend and realtor Julia Mickum knows I have a special place in my heart for old things and was kind enough to invite us to a 1920’s themed event benefiting the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation. The event was held in the Anson Aviation Aircraft hanger and was complete with 1920’s costumes, live music, dancing and yummy eats. We had a blast! Please enjoy my personal pictures from the event. Enjoy!