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Advice From An Artist• Joonbug!

Lenworth McIntosh. His mom calls him Junior, his friends call him Joonbug, his fans call him anything from Mr. McIntosh to Mr.Kaufee. He is the CEO and founder of a unique clothing company called Fresh Kaufee and is the head graphic designer at Bugs87 Art and Design.  When you order a Fresh Kaufee shirt you get a complete experience. It comes fashioned in a coffee bag with the robust aroma of freshly ground coffee. His unique packing and style completely sets him apart from other brands. I would describe his style as perfected imperfection. An obvious appreciation for culture, history, and old world quality is written all over the Fresh Kaufee brand.

Joonbug’s Jamaican roots tie together his top 5 sources of inspiration seamlessly. Generations of artists in his family, music, nature, books, and social media feeds his artistic spirit.

Joonbug and I first met in college at McMurry University in Abilene, Tx. From the moment I met him, his passion for art was very apparent. Towards the end of his undergrad career, he nearly fell into “cubicle life” as a graphic designer for a larger firm. Life’s pressures have a way of making you feel like you have to follow a certain path because we naturally fear the unknown. Joonbug didn’t like the idea of eventually being burned and at the same time, uncertainty didn’t sound so bad if it meant being his own boss and always having creative freedom.

Joonbug still frequents Dallas, Texas for family,friends and business but has moved to Oakland, California to be among other artists and avoid being boxed in artistically. Junior’s feelings are that “When it comes to careers, most people aren’t doing what comes naturally to them. We are all born with gifts and and we often ignore them and pay more attention to the rules society has set for us.” Joonbug being a full time artist was much  more than a career choice. It is a life choice! He chose his continued happiness and daily satisfaction over everything.

What used to be most difficult for this artist was time management. When you’re your own boss you work when you want to. Joonbug took what used to be procrastination and turned it into time to truly conceptualize his plans, then he takes the pressure and produces amazing  results.

I asked Joonbug what advice he would give to new and emerging artist and he said, “Respect yourself and your art. You can’t look to the outside world for confidence in what you do. Prove all you need to prove to yourself, validate yourself,then share things with the world that you are already confident in. Meditate, organize your thoughts, and keep your goals in front of you.”

See more of Joonbug on social media @thebugs87 and @freshkaufee

Check back in March for a new creative mind, Enjoy!


New Series Coming to A+B in January 2016:Creative Minds

I am SOOOOOO (<–intentional) excited to announce that a new monthly series is coming to AuthenticallyB.com starting in January 2016. I was thinking about things I love and authentically enjoy, and to be in a creative space mentally is so refreshing and enjoyable. My next thought was, “I know so many creative people and I absolutely love how they work constantly to perfect their crafts. This is how “Creative Minds” was born.

The name of this series was inspired by my twisted love for the T.V. show Criminal Minds. The killers on the show definitely have some really horrible issues but there is always a method to the madness and it’s beautiful to watch it unfold and to understand their motives.

Similarly, I will be seeking to get inside of “Creative Minds” that I know and share some insight with you. My hope is to inspire you to do that “thing” you truly love and want to pursue more often. It will also be great to shine a light on local and non local talent as well. If you know someone who should be featured in this Creative Minds series send me their information and I will connect with them. I hope you are just as excited about this as I am!!!!! Enjoy!



January’s Creative Mind: Ashleigh the Wanderlust