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OOTD: Pure Comfort

All I cared about on this day was being 100% comfortable and cozy. I didn’t exactly want to wear sweat pants but I also didn’t want to wear real pants. Lol The next best thing is leggings!!! I can’t get enough of these textured leggings. The texture adds a special detail to something that has been done to death. Then all I needed was a shirt that was long enough to cover my bum. Add a sweater and light boot to complete the comfy look. Enjoy!



Sweater- Old Navy

Tee- H&M

Textured Leggings- Ross

Cloth boots- Urban Outfitters (10 years ago)

Fall OOTD-Brown and Black Together?!?

Here’s a little proof that brown and black mesh well together. I too used to toy with the idea that maybe it was too dark and gloomy to pair black and brown simply because I viewed them both as neutrals. I’ve gotten past those ideas and came up with an outfit using items already in my closet.

What I love about this Fall outfit is in the details. The texture of this top and the ribbing on the knee of the leggings make it interesting. I also broke up the darkness in the top and leggings with a long white tank top.Focus on the small things that create places for your eyes to go.



Top and Shoes-Old Navy