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Graphic Pullover + Boyfriend Jeans

My summer vacation as a teacher has officially ended. I had my first day back to school and I am so tired. I always say, “There is no tired like the first day of school tired.” As I prepared this blog post all I can think about is how often we ask our children to be “nice” to each other. At school and at home it is a word that I used generously.

I find that as adults we tend to forget about being nice to ourselves! We do things we don’t like, each foods that make us feel bad sometimes and wear clothes that our bodies find restricting. We should all take a moment or two to think about how we can be nice to ourselves and try to remember to do that often.

For me, dressing comfortably especially when I’m with my son is one way that I’m nice to myself. Old Navy sponsored this look that allows me to run and play with my son while I look stylish. There is nothing worse than pulling and tugging on your clothing while you’re trying to focus on having a good time with your babies. A colorful comfortable pull over with boyfriend jeans and sandals that stay on you feet if just right for a day of fun and play. Find ways to be kind to yourself and do it daily! Enjoy!


OOTD: Leopard and Bones☠

One of my many obsessions is leopard prints. This is one way to use it as a neutral piece to your wardrobe. All of these pieces were already in my closet except the leopard ballet flats. They’re fairly new because I just got rid of an old pair that  I had that I didn’t love as much. I’m very picky about the leopard prints that I choose. I tend to like a darker, richer print over a print with softer, lighter tones. When I saw these at one of my favorite stores (Target) I stopped looking. I really wish I had gotten a pair I truly loved to begin with. Now that I’m really focused when I shop I no longer settle for anything that is not EXACTLY what I want.

This OOTD is really flexible when it comes to body temperature and can help you stay warmer if you’re cold all the time (Like me) or as you warm up take off your graphic sweater and stay cool. Enjoy!

Graphic sweater: Pacsun

Denim shirt: Old Navy

Pants: Walmart

Shoes: Target