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OOTD | Olive+Stripes

This OOTD includes two of my all-time must haves: Black and white horizontal stripes and COMFORT! Black and white will forever and always be classic and chic. Comfort for me is nonnegotiable. There is nothing worse than putting on a garment then having to pull and tug at it. The entire time you are in something less than comfy, you’re wondering if it still looks right and probably can’t wait to take it off. It’s best to just avoid uncomfortable garments to begin with.

I adore this olive thermal midi length skirt because it makes wearing a skirt when it’s 30-40 degrees outside more cozy. Pair it with a brown/black over the knee boot and you’ll be warm all day. Top it off with another classic piece (moto jacket) and you’re ready to run out of the house. I’m all about quick,easy, and fuss free clothing and this was super easy to put together. Enjoy!



Shirt- Target

Skirt- Forever 21

Boots- Guess

OTK Fun!

The highlight of this OOTD is the OTK (over the knee) socks! You don’t have to worry about otk boots falling down but otk socks is another story. There’s no in between with them. They are either so tight that they’re cutting off your circulation or falling down to your ankles every 5 minutes.

Well…problem solved! These are tights with the otk socks attached to the bottom half. They go on and up to your waist like pantyhose so they provide a bit more coverage when you’re wearing a shorter skirt or if it’s windy outside. Are you in love yet?!?! Get the details below:-) Enjoy!



Hat- Forever 21


Dress- Urban Outfitters

Over the Knee Tights-Target