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Four Seasons Reno Reveal

Hey peeps!!! I got a chance to check out all the new renovations and changes to the spa at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown. As a DIYer I was excited to see such drastic changes. They have completely upgraded all the massage rooms, couples massage rooms, nail bar, check in area, and locker rooms. Mrs. Rosie even hooked all us girls up with a fresh coat of polish as a special treat! Of course I took delicious photos to share with all of you, enjoy!!

Creative Minds: Ashleigh the Wanderlust

Let me start by saying some creatives can NOT be tamed! I enjoy meeting people with wild hearts and it’s even more of a pleasure when you get to know a free spirit. My sister is the epitome of what I just described so a traditional “interview” for my creative minds series just didn’t happen. Lol However, she did do her magic and give some wonderful insight about who she is. Enjoy!










What am I passionate about?
Oh that’s simple! Traveling, books, photography, food, writing, Supernatural, Dr. Who, Sherlock(on every aspect the RDJ movies, CBS Elementary, BBC Sherlock and of course the source Sir Arthur Conan Doyle series).

How do I travel?
I usually pick a place with the most affordable airfare and build around it. I’m a backpacker, so I pack lightly. You know, no wheels, on my back. How much do I really wish to carry as I run(upstairs, crossing the street and my personal favorite through the airport)? I stay in hostels and load up on the complimentary breakfast. I eat with locals, seriously always follow the locals!! I take public transportation and walk A LOT(it’s kinda off sets my love for food hahaha). Most importantly, I save the word “no” for dire situations. If I’m offered food, drinks, an invitation, the answer is “YES!” Why? Because I have comfort at home and I do not travel for comfort. I travel for the love of the unknown. I travel to sit next to strangers and listen as they speak to me. I travel to learn new words and phrases, in a language I don’t speak. I travel to trust myself and humanity.

“Reading gives us someplaces to go when we have to stay where we are.” -Mason Cooley
I’m quite keen on all genres

Where does my photography inspiration come from?
Family. My family means everything to me. I enjoy focusing on candid moments between love ones. When I do a shoot, I like for everyone to carry on as if I’m not there. I typically get the absolute best shots from children. They tend to easily forget about my presence and I’m able to capture their exuberance.

Everything, I will try a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g ☺ How else will I know what I’m fond of?

What am I writing?
Mostly my own thoughts in my journal. Recently I’ve taken on the role of travel contributor on AuthenticallyB.com blog. You can find me in the travel section.

Am I a fangirl?
OF COURSE! I didn’t choose fangirling, fangirling chose me. Honestly I am unfaithful to all fandoms. There’s Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR. I mean just to name a few more hahaha.

What’s next for me?
You know, in a perfect world I would be a travel writer and photographer. I would also volunteer at schools and orphanages as a way to give back. All of this in hopes of perhaps, spreading my love of the camera, and overall eccentric nature with others.

Find Mischief,

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 Small work sample from Ashleigh the Wanderlust




 It takes ages for me to decide on a destination. I do extensive research, scouring blogs and reviews for tips. For months I’m consumed, absorbing as much as possible. I make an itinerary for the must sees. I find accommodations and even mentally pack my bag. There’s a list for everything. While all these things are tedious, I do them for every trip.

However, nothing prepares me for what follows as the date nears. Anticipation. Anxiety. Nerves. Time ticks away, similar to the ascend of a climbing rollercoaster. As months turn into weeks, and weeks into days, I exhibit the same manifestation of waiting in line for a thrill ride. With one misplaced thought, I find myself a few clicks away from reaching the summit. Symptoms include: Sweating palms, accelerated heart beat, shallow and irregular breathing. My stomach does somersaults, because we all know what happens when the clicking stops. Once we have made the daunting journey to the top. When it’s eerily silent, as you take in the surroundings beneath your feet; Before you plummet into the unknown.

For me, preparing to travel gives the identical sensation of an amusement ride. Yes I have an idea. I’ve studied  the bends, loops and sharp turns as I stood in line. But that doesn’t prepare me for the actual ride. All of my lists, research, blog discoveries and travel tips neglect to prepare me. As I sit on the floor of JFK International Airport, waiting to board my flight to China. My minds began to scream “Whoa whoa whoa, wth, we’re going too far out of our comfort zone! Are you sure we are ready?” But now it’s too late, for it is disturbingly quiet. And we all know what happens next.

Authentically+B has a New Travel Contributor!

Hello everyone!

I can let the cat out of the bag now that it’s official! (I had to really twist her arm!) I would like to introduce you to Ashleigh the Wanderlust. She is the new travel contributor for Authentically+B. Yay!!! She is my sister, photographer, and professional traveler. We have gone on travel adventures together many times but she takes her traveling very seriously and is a globe trotter. She is currently solo tripping in Thailand for a month. (Serious right?!?!) We will be working together to bring you beautiful, useful information about our adventures and travel experiences. Her writing style will rope you in and make you feel like you are there! Before you know it, you will be buying plane tickets to places she wrote about. We hope you love it! Enjoy!

Check her out on Instagram for the latest from Phuket, Thailand!


Check her out on Instagram for the latest from Phuket, Thailand!