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Chambray Wrap | OOTD

Here is another OOTD from my trip to New York during NYFW. On this day, all I could think about was being comfortable yet pulled together. I decided on some tried and true classic styles and colors for a day of running around. This wrap top from A Leap of Style is a beautiful chambray color in a flatting style. The gathered sleeve definitely adds some interest while the wrap design is super flattering to my figure. Add in another flattering, classically cut pair of cigarette pants from Steve Guthrie’s collection and it’s a home run.

As I thought about choosing a shoe for this look I carefully considered how much walking I’d do and that helped me decide quickly. I mean, what’s true comfort with out a comfortable shoe? When my feet are happy, I’m happy so I opted for my trusty black converse.

I kept my accessories minimal with two sets of thin bracelets on each wrist and my stitch earrings from Myth & Symbol. My absolute favorite thing about this OOTD is that almost everything came from Houston. It brings me no greater joy than to support talented designers and businesses from my great city. Enjoy!

Wrap Top- A Leap of Style

Black Pant- Steve Guthrie

Earrings- Myth & Symbol

Mesh One Piece Swimsuit | OOTD

We are right in the middle of swimsuit season and it’s hotter than whatever Lil Wayne was dropping in Houston right now! All week I’ll be giving you some fresh ideas on how to feel and look sexy in a one piece swimsuit. I love a classic bikini just like the next girl but there is some understated sexy mixed with modesty when it comes to a one piece.

Of course I can’t get enough black things in my closet and this includes water undies. Lol I love that this particular swimsuit has what I like to call “vents” or mesh panelling. It just provides another place to catch a breeze if you ask me. It’s the perfect amount of mesh too! A little bit right above the bust line and a lot in the back. The back actually reminds me of a one piece swimsuit I had growing up. There’s a nice circular cut out that will leave you some crazy fun tan lines.

If you’re looking for swimwear more on the modest side but with a little hint of sexy, try a one piece with a bit of mesh panelling. It won’t disappoint. Enjoy!


Shoes- Antonio Melani

BKR Visit & Tote Challenge OOTD #2

Day 2 in San Francisco was super busy! We did tons of sight seeing but not before we went  to visit the BKR office. You may ask what is BKR? BKR is the luxe water bottle that will change the way you hydrate forever!

Founders Kate and Tal met and became friends in law school. They had successful careers as lawyers but decided to recreate their lives when they saw a need in the most basic element of the beauty industry, HYDRATION! Being hydrated is so important when it comes to beauty because it shows from the inside out. Here were two fabulous, healthy, beautiful, successful women who felt like every time they went to drink water, they were drinking from trash. They wanted to create something more healthy, sustainable and fashion forward for the woman that is cultured and wants it all. Everything in your life can  be beautiful, even your water bottle.

My sister and I were greeted by BKR’s social media director Max. He welcomed us and made us feel at home right away. The BKR office is a very beautiful, bright space with tons of natural light coming through all of the large windows. From the lunch area to the conference room, every area is a dedicated space. I got to say hello to the team and I even met a BKR team member from Louisiana. It was so cool to get an inside look at all the awesome things going on behind the scenes and view some exclusive silicone sleeve colors. I honestly could have wandered around and hung out there forever.

Over the past year I’ve been adapting my shopping habits to say no to a “disposable” lifestyle when it comes to fashion trends. I don’t need to have a bunch of things and follow every trend. I just need quality items that I love. From the clothing I choose to purchase to my water bottle, having the essentials and only acquiring pieces that I adore has proved to be so rewarding. Now that I have added BKR to the equation I feel a sense of completion.

I can not thank Kate, Tal and Max enough for welcoming me into their beautiful work space! It was great to see the team behind the beauty essential BKR.



Let’s talk OOTD. On day 2 I chose my horizontal striped dress/tunic and paired it with black leggings. Of course white chucks and my green cargo jacket were there too! Oh yeah, lets talk a bout the orange scarf! It was windy in SF and I didn’t bring a scarf so I thrifted this Banana Republic scarf in the Mission District. Great find right?!


After we left the BKR office we stopped by Marlowe for some mouth watering lunch. Next up was Lombard to check out San Francisco’s “crookedest” street. It was beautiful to witness and we even made the trek up to the top to see the amazing view!

We attempted to ride a trolly but the line was so long that we didn’t want to wait. Instead we went back to Fisherman’s Wharf for the views, fresh seafood and more freshly baked donuts from Trish’s. Join me tomorrow for another OOTD and day 3 in San Francisco, Enjoy! 


Creative Minds

It’s finally beginning and I’m beyond excited about it! My new creative minds series is being kicked of by one of the most entertaining and authentic people I know! My sister and travel contributor for AuthenticallyB.com is amazing and you’re going to love her!

If you would like to know more about what this new series entails check out this link for a more detailed description. New Series Coming to A+B in January 2016:Creative Minds





To Hostel or Not to Hostel

So what are hostels anyway? A brilliant way to save $ while exploring another country? Or are they frightening like the horrific thrilling franchise?

Well, if you take the word of movie posters and previews then absolutely stay away. But even director/ producer Eli Roth questions the validity.

I decided to experience hostel life for myself. Now before going into where I stayed, I will tell you that I did my homework. I use tripadvisor.com and hostelworld.com for both reviews and prices. Even after deciding on a hostel, I recheck the reviews as my trip nears.

The first hostel I visited in Thailand was Lupta Hostel Patong in Phuket. A spotless and modern hostel, steps from Patong Beach as well as Bangla Road. Walking in I relaxed instantly, which was welcomed after 21 hours of air travel (no, that’s not including layovers). Reception was quick, painless and in no time I was consumed by jet lag. 5 nights, daily breakfast, fresh towels and a locker was included in the $70 price tag. I can’t tell you about breakfast because I was unable to peel my face off my pillow in time to partake.  Being friendly must be a requirement for lodging there. Soon after checking in, I was invited to dinner. I declined due to heavy eyelids, but took them up on their offer the following night. Group dinners were a nightly occurrence, welcomed to all. No one gave me a serial killer or psychopathic vibe. The bed was comfortable, and the blackout privacy curtain was heaven sent. It encased me in a cocoon to call my own. There are shelves and lockable storage inside of your private space. The restrooms were 5star spotless and the water pressure was glorious. The common area was tidy at all times and usually buzzing with quiet conversations. Again you are invited to join in or you can peacefully sit alone.  I think I covered all bases of Lupta Hostel.


 Not once during my three weeks of travel did I feel as though my life was in danger. Okay that’s a lie, but it had nothing to do with hostel life. Hostel life was mostly enjoyable hahahaha. Well there was this one hostel that had glowing reviews but also had bed bugs. I woke up to an undesirable visitor on my pillow. I checked out that morning.

Will I allow that to tarnish my view on hostels? Not at all, I booked a hostel in Cartagena, Colombia last night. I am more excited than ever to be a wanderlust. Hostels open the door to met people from every corner of the world.

Find Mischief,

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