Tapered Progress 

Happy Friday all! I hope this week was amazing for everyone. On Fridays we all celebrate the progress that we’ve made by making it to the end of a work week. I thought I’d share some progress pictures of my current hair goal which is a tapered afro. The time span has been from November up until now. Check it out and leave comments about your current hair goals. Enjoy!



Most recent, I’m almost there!


  1. Gorgeous as always and your hair is pretty.
    I should have kept my hair stort. Its growing so fast.
    And I’m loving the blog.

      1. I’ve heard conflicting ideas about the sponge brush do you have any problems with breakage in using the sponge brush sometimes I have a little balls of hair that form and they just come right off the ends of my hair is this true breakage or just weekly accumulation of dead hair ?

  2. I love your hair!! Such an inspiration especially for a beginner like me…I’m transitioning and trying to get the hang of it all. I’m getting a big chop at the end of the year and I’m hoping to go for the tapered style you posted w/the leather jacket look. I know all hair textures aren’t the same but how do you maintain your curls? Do you use the curling soufflé every morning to redo your style? How do you refresh the style in the mornings?

  3. Brandy,

    Love your hair. I did the big chop about 17 months ago and I have continued to keep it very short. I would like to color my hair at home, are there any hair color products you can recommend? I love the reds, but have to keep it professional due to my job.


    1. Hello L,
      Thank you so much! I actually have used Revlon permanent hair colors often. They have a nice collection of reds/auburns that I’ve worn to work. It’s only a few bucks a box and covers very well. I used to cut and color my hair so often that it wasn’t worth it to buy expensive hair color.
      Thanks so much!

      Thank you!

  4. I don’t follow your blog, but I found you Pinterest and I must say I really like your pics and I have really enjoyed reading all of the nice comments and compliments you have been given. Please keep doing what you are doing and your hair and makeup is Flawless…signed in the H-town.

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