Toddler Room Inspiration

Once I got the bones of Grant’s room corrected, I starting building my Pinterest inspiration board for his décor. Not only was Grant going from baby to toddler, but we were going through a transition of buying our first home. Of course this meant we were super excited to really have a place to call our own.

I have grown very fond of minimalist colors like gray, black, and white because of its understated elegance. I think using a basic color scheme will make future transitions easier as well. I searched around for the perfect pop of color for quite a while before I found it. I tried to think of a color that matched Grant’s personality and finally came up with yellow as the accent color for his room. I mean, what’s more vibrant and loud than Grant and the color yellow?!?!? Ha ha.

This collage contains most of my pins from his room board. Having this helped me to stay focused and DIY with things I already had. This kept the budget low while yielding the same aesthetic results.

If you or your little one is going through a transition, (baby to toddler or toddler to school age) it may be time to start thinking about adjusting the space to match the growth. Begin with collecting inspiration and go from there. If you start with the right base and get creative with things you already have you can keep your $wallet$ intact in the process.




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