Update | Trash to Treasure

When I first saw this trash I knew it could be treasure, I just had to figure out what it should be. At the beginning of the year I created a pencil chart so that each student could keep 2 pencils in the classroom at all times. Although I made it sturdy, it didn’t stand a chance against 2nd graders who often stuffed 5+ pencils in their pocket. Over stuffing resulted in ripped pockets that could hold no pencils.

It was a full size poster board numbered 1-20.

Over stuffing caused pockets to rip!  


Just like my pencil chart, each space is numbered and each student has two pencils. The carton is a sturdy packing cardboard that should last through the rest of the year. You can try this same thing with a shoe box, egg carton, and pretty much anything you can poke a hole in. Enjoy!



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