BTS Shopping Traditions with Walmart

A new school year has come around again so quickly and I’m partnering with Walmart to bring you back to school style to replenish the kids wardrobes. The summer was a real blur and our children have grown right before our eyes. 

We still have so much to figure out for school this fall but one thing I know is that Grant has grown so much this summer. I was doing our laundry and found some very small things in his load of clothing. We have spent so much time in the house that we don’t pay much attention to what he was wearing. So many days we stay in pajamas but we won’t always. He will eventually return to school to be with his friends and teachers. When he does he will need clothes that fit him well. Grant’s outfit is a set! I just love the fun print on his shirt with the simplicity and of his shorts. His bottoms have a simple black and white trim that plays well with a busy top. His black and white sneakers play well with his look and are great for outdoor play. Of course, I got myself an easy animal print t-shirt dress  and white sneakers to look cool with my big boy!

Enjoy Color Bees! 

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