Cozy BTS with Walmart

There is no doubt that this school year is different for all of us. I’m partnering with Walmart to bring you back to school style that can be super cozy for stay at home options and cool for in person school this fall. 

Whichever version of school works best for your family this fall, there is no doubt that it can done in style. Grant is growing like a weed so of course making sure that his size is available can be a challenge. Thankfully, Walmart is prepared. Grants outfit is actually a coordinating set that come together. I love how the black and white color blocking top and bottom compliment each other but are not a “perfect” match. It makes the look interesting yet effortless. With sneakers to match, we are so ready for our next adventure. I even got myself some cozy gear for this new school year. Enjoy Color Bees! 

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