Inspired by Crowns?& Flowers?

I spent the better part of this past Saturday feeling like a Goddess while shooting for Houston designer Emelia Natalicchio’s clothing line Of Myth and Muse. (Maybe that’s what Beyonce feels like everyday! Lol!!) Something magical automatically happens when you put on a floral crown that has been hand made by Elyse Herman. What’s even better is that I got to spend time with creatives including bloggers, makeup artist,designers, models, stylists, photographers, event producers, and even architects.

I didn’t realize it before arriving but I was feeling slightly uninspired. Wearing awesome designs and shooting photos with William Wood and Josh Bates really fed my creative soul. Most times if I feel like I’m lacking in the inspo department, being with other creatives or doing things outside of the normal scope of what I create gets me going again. There is something so inspiring about  wearing the creations of a designer you know personally. The 2016 Spring/Summer collection for Of Myth and Muse is modern, romantic, and soooo whimsical. Emelia debuted her line at Kaleidoscope Houston Imaginarium in January. It was a real treat to see her designs go from sketches to the runway.

If you’re bored with  your mundane day to day happenings go seek inspiration in other places so that you can be an inspiration to others. Always remember, YOU can do it! Enjoy these iPhone picture until the look book is available!




photo by Emelia Natalicchio


photo by Heather Petrey


photo by Heather Petrey



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