Modern Cottage?

I’m very excited to finally start sharing one of my primary inspirations for my blog! My (our) MODERN COTTAGE!!!! Back in April of 2015 the Mr. and I closed on a 1920’s cottage in a historic neighborhood of a Houston suburb. The first time we got the listing from our realtor we could not even believe she sent it to us.? The cottage probably had 1 or 2 items on our lengthy “must haves” list and needed everything in the universe done to it. Lol

Needless to say, for various reasons we ultimately decided to buy the 1920’s cottage. Throughout 2016 I will be sharing all the TLC we had to put in our house to make it our home.  The process of completing all the work and moving in was extremely long and stressful. We closed in April of 2015 and did not move in until August of 2015. In fact, I spent my entire summer (I’m a teacher) working on our house with minimal days off. We eventually got it done with the support of our friends and family.We couldn’t have done it with out them. We still have projects to do around the house so go with me on this DIY journey, Enjoy !


These are photos from the original online listing that we saw when we decided to check out this house. Pretty bad right?!?


    1. Follow the blog so you don’t miss anything and hopefully some of the renovations you see can inspire yours. Ask me any questions along the way too! I’d love to help.

  1. This has me so excited like watching HGTV. I must admit I’ve visited this page multiple times today to see if you revealed anything lol!

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