OOTD | Day to Night

If you have the right pieces in your wardrobe going from day to night could just be a matter of adjusting your shirt. I can wear this boyfriend fit tee, wide leg pant, charm envy collar necklace and nail bracelet (perfect for a DIY’er like me) with black sandals to work. I could wear this same EXACT outfit, and makeup out later in the evening with out adding or taking anything away.

If I want to take it to a more evening look all I need to do is tie a front knot in my shirt. Thats it!!!!

Lets talk about why this works. First off the colors are neutral giving it a classic look. When my boyfriend tee is out my waist disappears making this look super casual. By tying the shirt in a front knot, it makes my waist suddenly appear. This contrasting with the high waisted wide leg pant gives me an instant hourglass figure. Lastly, I’m completely covered with the exception of the tiniest sliver of midriff which make it a bit sensual for night. To top it off, it’s all stretchy and comfortable! Win!

I’d love to see a picture or a comment of your best “day to night” look. Keep me posted and enjoy!

Jewelry- Charm Envy

Shirt- Old Navy

Pants- Amazon

Shoes- Mia Brand from Marshalls (Similar)





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