Oxford Fashion Studio|Houston

Oxford Fashion Studio produces runway shows, photo shoots, and launches in New York, Paris, London, Oxford,Los Angeles, and Houston. OFS also provides opportunities for models,photographers, makeup artist, bloggers, and team members to gain meaningful experience by  allowing these positions to be volunteer options. There is so much that goes into making a runway show possible. I adore being able to see everything come together first hand. The gallery of photos serves as a visual of the chain of events that come together to create a beautiful, well oiled runway show. The designers that participated are listed below.

Piglet Clothing // Piglet Autumnal // UK
Silk Utopia // Ready to Wear // USA
Liz Nehdi // Cap // UK
Reni Smith // SS16 // Nigeria
Silk Utopia // Couture // USA
Ross Bennett // Rue Élégance // USA
M.V.C.C. // Childhood’s End // USA
William Wilde // Filthy Wilde // UK
Vagabond Couture // Iceni // UK



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