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Jump for Jumpers!

You will not believe where I got this jumper and what it cost me! GOODWILL, $7!!!!

This is probably the most comfortable and least expensive OOTD that I have done so far. One Sunday a few weeks ago we were out thrifting and we stopped by Goodwill. As I’m walking around thinking that I won’t find anything, I see a GW associate hang a garment on the dress rack. It caught my eye because it looked too lumpy to be a dress and it was a really rich black. Most things are faded once they get to Goodwill so I had to go check it out.

When I got closer I could tell it was a jumper. I inspected it for rips and tears to find out that it was in perfect condition.I fancy jumpers and rompers because it’s so easy to put on one piece and a pair of shoes then run out of the door. They just fit my life. I love the sheer details on the shoulder and the metal hardware on the collar, drawstring, and sleeves. The fabric is really light and breathable. It was a really warm day when I wore it for the first time and I wasn’t hot at all.

Next time your’e out shopping, stop by a thrift store. You never know what treasures you might stumble upon. Enjoy!

Jumper- Goodwill

Purse- Target

Sandals- Nine West

OOTD:Classic Black

You can’t go wrong with black. Black is timeless and classic. In the words of my friend Sammi, “I could wear black everyday.”(I know so many others feel this way too!) This outfit is easy, comfortable and casual but is still very stylish. Her sweater introduces another classic color (white) to create a chevron pattern which adds just enough interest to make you do a double take. Check her out on Instagram for more style inspiration and other effortless ways to wear black.


Instagram: Samantaivette


Sweater: DD’s

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Cotton On

OOTD: Anniversary Edition ?

Mike (the hubs) and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this week! (Woo Hoo!) He still hates saying that we’ve only been married for 3 years because we’ve been together for over 10 years and he thinks that “cheating the stature of our relationship”. Lol

We had dinner planned for saturday night and of course the first thing that comes to my mind is “I don’t have anything to wear!” I had planned and budgeted for a new pair of shoes this week so long as I truly loved them. I found a pair that I couldn’t live with out (on clearance at DSW) but was going to dinner naked (figuratively) because I still had “nothing to wear”. I also wanted something stretchy because I planned on pigging out! I strolled through the mall with every intention of buying something new until I came across this lovely jacket at express(first photo below) for $108. It sparked my memory and I remembered I had a jacket similar to that one from last season that did NOT cost me $108. I quickly put together comfortable and simple OOTD in my mind with clothes I already had. The color scheme really showed off my new shoes too! I guess trying to shop can send you right back to your own closet sometimes. 🙂 Enjoy this special OOTD!


From Express for $108


Jacket- H&M


Ribbed Leggings-Zara

Shoes-DSW/ Qupid (clearance)