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DIY Tassel Earrings | Earth Day

 These DIY tassel earrings cost me pennies to make but look like they cost top dollar. I can’t lie, I’ve been pretty obsessed with up cycling old shirts over the last few weeks. As I helped my friend Amber, who is an art teacher cut old t-shirts into t-shirt yarn, I ended up having some craps of fabric that couldn’t be used for much else. Amber had jewelry wire and through trial and error, I came up with a simple earring DIY that happens to be a spring/summer trend. With Earth Day coming up this Friday, these tassel earrings are a great fashionable way to reuse, reduce, and recycle. I made a video of me making one because it would have taken a thousand pictures to show it accurately. (It’s my first video on A+B:0) Give this a try for Earth day, Enjoy!




Earring Holder DIY 

Want to display your earring collection in a unique way? Check out this quick DIY earring holder! You only need a few supplies.

  1. Picture frame (got mine from goodwill)
  2. Chicken wire (any home improvement store)
  3. Staple gun ( already had one)
  4. Craft wire cutters (already had one)

Start by disassembling your picture frame only leaving the perimeter. Now roll out your chicken wire and cut it slightly larger than the size of your picture frame. Use your staple gun to fasten the chicken wire to your frame. As soon as that’s done your earring holder is ready to hang and use! Enjoy!